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Migration of accounts

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Migration of accounts

We are approaching September and are wondering how we are going to deal with certain issues.

Our Moodle is set up to work with SIMs, and so in September the system will create courses and cohorts based upon the new timetable.

The old courses are stored and we can import the course content across if required. Several courses use meta-courses, which only requires links to be transferred.

The old cohorts are deleted, and so our first problem arises: will this automatically lose us the data for the students who have been working on those courses?

So, Bob is in cohort A_2017 and is registered on to course 1_2017. In September, all cohorts are deleted and Bob will be added to a new cohort, A_2018. A_2018 is then enrolled on to the new course 1_2018.

If courses 1_2017 and 1_2018 are both pointing to the same meta-course, will the system recognise Bob and his data or will Bob be considered a new student?

If we delete a cohort, does that automatically unenroll the student from any course that cohort was enrolled on to?

Is there a way of stopping this from happening, where the cohort is deleted but the student account remains enrolled?

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Mary Cooch
Re: Migration of accounts
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Hello there. I am going to move your post to the General help forum as it is more of an admin issue than a teaching with moodle issue.

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Re: Migration of accounts
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Hi there,

The deletion of student created content was the main reason I went down the line of external database enrolment with meta-course enrolment rather than cohorts... With external DB enrolment you have the option of suspending a user when they leave the external DB. This means that you only need to reactivate the user for their content to return...


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