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Integration round 2017-08-04: projects galore

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Integration round 2017-08-04: projects galore
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Cold numbers

34 issues have been successfully integrated, with none rejected, and 1 delayed - 100% success, woot!


Hot topics

  • MDL-57546: YouTube Filter now supported links from
  • MDL-57259: Adding a call to set_url() in some web services which were polluting logs
  • MDL-59382: Create calendar event quick add/edit
  • MDL-59564: Bulk editing of user enrolment status, and dates
  • MDL-59582: Prepare Moodle for NodeJS 8.2.0
  • MDL-59518: Course reset should not change dates of user data

Warm thanks

To our hard-working, and dedicated Events Co-ordinator and Admin Assistant, Frances Le Page. One of the key faces behind all Moodle HQ Moot organisation.

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