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Integration round 2017-07-27: Researchers, welcome to Moodle

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Integration round 2017-07-27: Researchers, welcome to Moodle
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Cold numbers

29 issues have been successfully integrated, with 1 rejected and 2 delayed - 97% success, nice!


  • The Analytics API (previous versions released separately from core as project inspire plugin) has been integrated this week into core (MDL-57791), still a long road ahead but the key pieces are in place. This API acts as a bridge between Moodle and machine learning algorithms. It allows us to get predictions based on Moodle past data, generate insights for Moodle users from these predictions and suggest them actions. As part of MDL-57791 we introduce 2 built-in models as examples: "Students at risk of dropping out of courses" and "Courses with no teaching". If you are keen to contribute data to improve these built-in models accuracy please enrol in Project Inspire course. This API introduces some new concepts in Moodleland (I would recommend you to read the MDocs page to get an overall idea if you are interested) and although its more direct use is for Learning Analytics it is a general purpose API and can also be used to solve classical supervised learning problems like spammers detection.
  • Workshop module web services started to land in master during these weeks, more to come: MDL-59236
  • Any opinion on MDL-57365 (When sorting by a column in grader then refreshing the page, it keeps inverting the sort order.) would be appreciated
  • Call for volunteers in MDL-53226 (Add moodle DB search engine)

Hot topics

  • MDL-57698: Backup and restore can cause deadlock with sqlsrv driver
  • MDL-59561: Upgrade to 3.3 fails because of very long index in mdl_question_categories on MariaDB in utf8mb4_general_ci
  • MDL-59485: Add missing LTI capabilities
  • MDL-57945: Upgrade stylelint to 8.0.0
  • MDL-57791: Implement an analytics engine in Moodle
  • MDL-56751: Create new security setting to configure the expiration time of tokens created via login/token.php or tool/mobile/launch.php

Warm thanks

To Matteo Scaramuccia, the Chiavari legend. Active in both and Thanks for your help and comments Matteo!

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Re: Integration round 2017-07-27: Researchers, welcome to Moodle
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That's really kind big grin.


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