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Quiz research survey
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Hi, all.

Here's some information about a research survey of Quiz usage that is being conducted in conjunction with MoodleMoot Ireland/UK 2015. I've been involved in the writing of the questions.

It would be great for people interested in the Quiz to respond. Here are the details...

Research Survey for Quiz

As part of the MoodleMoot, we have a session about feedback on the Quiz activity.

Please fill out this short research survey, to provide us with some feedback that will be incorporated into this session. We will publish the summary results from the survey after the MoodleMoot.

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Re: Quiz research survey

Would it be possible for you post the link to the results in this thread when they are available?

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Tim at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Re: Quiz research survey
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Of course.

I did a presentation at the Moot on Tuesday afternoon based on the first 59 results, and now there are 75 responses. When I get a moment I want to do a proper write-up of all the results (probably on my blog in the first instance). Then, it may later lead to suggestions for improvements in the tracker.

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