Import/Export Quiz

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Import/Export Quiz

Is there a way to download/upload Quiz with all Questions (may be separately).

The format can be excel, word or even pdf that can be used for paper based quiz.



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Re: Import/Export Quiz

 To export your questions you need to convert them in any format Quiz module supports (AIKEN, Moodle XML, IMS etc). There are couple of macroses and online tools to do convertation from your files. 

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Re: Import/Export Quiz

Dear Anita,

It’s so nice to meet fellow Moodlers in this virtual platform!

Coming straight to your question, well, you can’t export/import a quiz; but it’s absolutely possible for you to export/import the questions from quizzes with the question categories.  For further clarification, kindly follow the site map given below:

Home ► Front page settings ► Question bank ► Import

Home ► Front page settings ► Question bank ► Export

I’ve tried to resolve this issue and I hope you'll have a smooth sail ahead. Please feel free to hit us back for any further query.

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Re: Import/Export Quiz
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You could try my plug-in which allows you export questions into Word tables, cf. https://moodle.org/plugins/view.php?plugin=qformat_wordtable You can then use a command in a Word template from www.Moodle2Word.net to re-format the Word file so that it is suitable for a paper test. Another similar Word template is at http://moodle.ucol.ac.nz/mod/page/view.php?id=138356, but I think this only works for imports, not exports.
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