Switching phase with separate groups

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Switching phase with separate groups

I have a course with three separate sections, each meeting on a differrent day of the week, and therefore having different submission deadlines. I set up a Workshop activity for with separate groups. My question is if I switch to the assessment phase, is the submission phase still available? Specifically, I want to switch to the assessment phase for the Tuesday group on Tuesday so that they can start working right away, and have the submission still open for the Thursday section. Is it possible? Or I am now in a hole?


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Re: Switching phase with separate groups

My hunch is, Rafael, is that it won't work as you want the way you have it set up. There is a single assessment phase for submission, so once you switch on assessment for Tuesday's group, it'll be switched on for all of them.

Here's what I think you need. Create three groupings,one per group. (Check the moodle docs for how to do this). Now create a workshop for the Tuesday group and assign it to the Tuesday grouping only (right down at the bottom of the workshop activity settings under Common settings : advanced). Duplicate this for the Thursday and Saturday grouping modifiying the dates accordingly.

Now the Tuesday workshop will only be accessible to the Tuesday group and ditto for the others. But Tesuday's group will not be able to assess Thursday's obviously.



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Re: Switching phase with separate groups
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Mark is right. Workshop does not support per-group or per-user deadlines yet. And the phases cannot overlap in the current version. The solution is to set up three workshop instances, as Mark suggests.

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