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Game Module on Moodle 2.3
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This question is about the 3rd party game module designed by Vasilis Daloukas. I have use this plug in for years on 1.9.x and enjoy it. I actually donated now too, since I have used it for so long. My question is simple. Has the 2.0 version been tested with Moodle 2.3? Does it work as it should or are there some teaks I should be aware of? I have a brand new, 2.3 server and wish to add this module if it is stable.

Thanks. Jon

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Re: Game Module on Moodle 2.3

Just played Sudoko, HangMan and Snakes and Ladders - all still work on our 2.3 test server. Using Game 2011082604.

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Re: Game Module on Moodle 2.3

Hello Jonathan

Like you, I am using Games on our 1.9, so I was eager to get it into our test 2.3 Moodle, too.

From the testing I've done so far everything seems to run ok, EXCEPT for the Book with Questions, which seems to be unable to find any questions although I have plenty in various categories and at various levels on the course.

The other thing that I hope will be fixed in due course is the wonky way in which the Game activities are displayed in the activity/resource picker. Also there's no help text yet.

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Re: Game Module on Moodle 2.3

We are having an issue with this module in 2.4+:


Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer: PAGE->yui2_lib() is not available any more, use YUI 2in3 instead, see MDL-34741 for more information.

I looked up MDL-34741, its pretty complicated stuff. Others have said that the game module has worked with 2.3?

Anyone got a quick fix or workaround to get it going again?

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Re: Game Module on Moodle 2.3
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Generally, depending on how much javascript there is, it should only take a developer 30min to 1hr to fix Moodle 2.4 compatibility issues like this, but it isn't really a quick 'change this one line of code' fix, that a non-developer can do.

You really need to wait until there is a developer with some spare time to do the change (or hire a developer to do it, if it is more urgent than that).

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Re: Game Module on Moodle 2.3


The game module works fine in 2.3 . I've got a problem with the crossword game: it mess up the layout in all browsers.



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Re: Re: Game Module on Moodle 2.3

I fixed the problem. Go at and download the last version for Moodle 2.x

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