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Problem with Games Module

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Problem with Games Module

The games module has worked fine for me until my school upgraded Moodle to version 2.19 last weekend.

Now, when the student tries to start or continue a new attempt in Cryptex, Crossword or Sudoku, they get a blank screen. When loading Millionaire, the question and cash chart can be seen but not the 4 possible answers.

Any thoughts on how I can fix this?



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Re: Problem with Games Module
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Turn debugging on to see what error are thown on the blank page.  Do you know if you are using the most current release of the game module?  It was just updated in the plugins database a day or two ago.

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Re: Problem with Games Module


We are having Game module problems, too. The problem coincides with our recent upgrade to Moodle 2.4 (20121203).

 Students and teachers see the following, without debugging on:

Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer: PAGE->yui2_lib() is not available any more, use YUI 2in3 instead, see MDL-34741 for more information.
More information about this error

With debugging on, we get the following stack trace:

Debug info:
Error code: codingerror
Stack trace:
    •    line 319 of /lib/outputrequirementslib.php: coding_exception thrown
    •    line 61 of /mod/game/view.php: call to page_requirements_manager->yui2_lib()

We (by "we" I mean the real technicians whom I call when it is time for an update) have not applied the most recent Moodle 2.4+ update.

I have installed the 2012121201 updated Game module - Thanks for pointing out its availability, Rob - but the error and resulting stack trace are unchanged.

Any advice is greatly appreciated - the teachers really miss this module!

David Morrow

Mobile, Alabama

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Re: Problem with Games Module

I have seen only one other reference to this problem (in this discussion), but I did create a Tracker item (CONTRIB-4074).

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Re: Problem with Games Module

Vasilis, the developer of the Game module, has posted an update at

I just installed it and it fixed this problem and a completion error.

Good news!


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Plugin developers

At you can find the last version that fixes your problem.

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