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Integration round 2012-02-02 Summary - delicious weekly wrap

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Integration round 2012-02-02 Summary - delicious weekly wrap
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Cold numbers:

25 issues have been successfully integrated and 5 have been rejected / delayed. That is 83% success, thats great considering scorching summers/freezing winters atm!


This week has been a normal and paced integration week, just calm enough for me to do my first round up here today. There are still Documentation Sprint issues in the integration queue which are being integrated slowly but surely. Integration is taking a turn for the better as we try out some automated quality checks to keep regressions low and quality high. Soon an interesting file will attached to MDL issues containing some feedback from these evolving checks but rest assured humans will always be involved. smile

Hot topics:

  • MDL-29615 - A new setting, 'messagingallowemailoverride', has been added to turn off the additonal email address in case its not needed.
  • MDL-30484 - Question engine changes and fixes when regrading essays.
  • MDL-31000 - Filepicker now lists the various repository instances in the sort order as specifed in repository management.
  • General fixes/improvements were made in the quiz, forum, choice, feedback and scorm modules, the file & url resources, some themes and the navigation block too.

Warm thanks (with cozy fires):

  • To all moodlers in the cold northern hemisphere.
  • and of course to the rest of us in the south hemisphere soaking up the sun.



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