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Integration round 2012-02-23 Summary - plus 2 more

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Integration round 2012-02-23 Summary - plus 2 more
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Cold numbers:

45 issues have been successfully integrated and 11 have been rejected / delayed. That is 80% success, nice one.


After the two previous weeks (13th and 17th Feb), where we had some testing problems leading to delayed weeklies (nothing serious, just a couple of days) and our % of success (72%) was slightly under the mean (mainly due to some back and forth iterations related to the way we are documenting in php), it seems that this week we are, finally, in the good way. Great!

Review and integration of issues belonging to the "Documentation Sprint" have continued, with 60% already sent upstream and the remaining ones expected to land soon.

Also, be noticed that, following our recently introduced scheduled release plans, we are aiming to next point stable releases in 2 weeks (March 12th) so, surely, is a good moment to review/prioritise open issues.

Hot topics:

  • MDL-31666 - The git repository has been completed with some old branches, tags and their corresponding commits, so now we have the whole history of Moodle under git.
  • MDL-30521 - Some problems breaking cron execution while fetching external blogs have been fixed.
  • MDL-25432 - Fatal errors on backup happening when the course has some "orphan" modules have been solved. At the same time, MDL-31571 has been created to discuss and implement one cleaner able to find, fix or delete those orphan pieces of information.
  • MDL-29402 - Fixed mail outs on Q&A forums, so students get initial Qs from teachers.
  • MDL-31014 - Glossary allows a different format to be used to approve entries.
  • Backup & restore, SCORM, IMS CC, rubrics, lesson, themes... 

Warm thanks:

  • To Gavin Henrick, because he is doing a wonderful work at his blog, "Some Random Thoughts", sharing all sort of information, reviewing plugins, talking about customizations and integrations, allowing us to know more about some sweet developers. It's one of the lectures I never miss. Thanks!

Ciao all, stronk7 smile

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