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Question formats ::: qformat_htmltable
Maintained by Eoin Campbell
HTML review table is a format suitable for quick review of questions (including metadata) in a question bank category.
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This plugin requires installation of the XSL PHP extension - see for installation details.

HTML review table format is intended to allow question authors and editors to easily review all the details of a question, especially feedback, and also question metadata such as penalties for incorrect attempts. The default HTML format for questions uses HTML forms to present questions, but omits the metadata information.

Most standard question types are supported, except Calculated and Numerical questions. The format displays feedback, hints, tags, penalty values, grades, etc. Metadata is clearly labelled in the current user interface language.

The PHP XSL extension is required, and the PHP HTMLTidy extension is highly recommended.

The HTMLTable plugin supports only question export and online visual review. It is a companion to the WordTable plugin, which supports export, review, editing and re-importing of questions. The WordTable export may also be more suitable for reviewing questions in print format, as it probably paginates better when formatted within Word.



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Eoin Campbell (Lead maintainer)
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  • Anthony Borrow
    Tue, Jan 28, 2014, 1:58 PM
    Eoin - Many thanks for sharing this plugin with the Moodle community. I installed the plugin fine; however, when I attempted to export some questions I received a "Sorry, the requested file could not be found" error message. As such, it does not appear to be usable at the moment.

    Also, please provide the source, tracker, and documentation URLs. A screenshot would also be helpful in seeing what the exported questions look like.

    For now, I am going to mark this as needing a bit more work before approving. Peace - Anthony
  • Tue, Apr 29, 2014, 11:33 PM
    Hi Anthony,
    I have updated the HTML review table plugin to resolve a problem whereby questions
    containing badly-formatted HTML caused an error. I think this might be the cause
    of the problems you had with an earlier version.

    If you are still encountering a problem, could you please export the questions
    in the Question bank category that you are testing into Moodle Question XML format,
    and send me on the XML file, so I can try and figure out what the problem is?
  • Mon, May 26, 2014, 5:51 AM
    Thanks for sharing this plugin with the Moodle community. Some formal issues were detected and reported by our automated plugin checker tool. Please review all the plugin checker results and fix the issues mentioned, if possible. These changes are typically pretty easy to make but if you have any questions just let us know.
  • Mon, Jun 30, 2014, 8:08 PM
    Hi Eoin. I am a bit confused with the versions of this plugin. The only available version at the moment is the one for Moodle 1.9 (2014051401) while the other one for Moodle 2.x (2014042901) is set as Invisible. Also note, when providing separate releases per Moodle major version (like here one for 1.9, another for 2.x), it is needed that the version of the plugin is always higher for the later packages. That is, the version for Moodle 2.x should have the plugin version higher that the version for 1.9. Otherwise, your users won't be able to upgrade your plugin easily (Moodle will report it was not able to downgrade the plugin).

    I am marking this as needing more work to get the things sorted out.
  • Thu, Sep 25, 2014, 2:16 PM
    Hi Eoin. Please do not forget to use the link "Schedule this plugin for re-approval" once you are done with fixes. The plugin won't get reviewers' attention without it. Thanks for understanding.
  • Mon, Sep 29, 2014, 5:26 PM
    Hi David, for some reason I cannot see the link you mention in the "Administration" area in the right navigation panel, so I cannot schedule the plugin for re-approval. I think I may have seen it just once in my browser, but now it is gone. I've tried logging in with Opera, Firefox and IE and the link doesn't appear in any of them.
    Can you help?
  • Anthony Borrow
    Wed, Oct 1, 2014, 4:23 AM
    Eoin - It looks like you were able to find the button to get it scheduled for review; however, I am still seeing the message "Sorry, the requested file could not be found".

    I noticed that you did not specify an issue tracker for your plugin. Providng a place for users of your plugin to report issues encourages participaon and provides a way for users to report bugs, make feature requests, or sugest other types of improvements. There ae a couple of options. You are welcome to request that a component be created in the Moodle Tracker. This will allow for you to become more familiar with how issues are managed in Moodle core but may take a little more time to setup. Alternatively, since you are using, you can use the issues feature of Github to handle such requests. Kindly let me know which of these two options seems best for you.

    Also, please consider adding a screenshot of your plugin to help folks get an idea of what it looks like when installed or perhaps what the output looks like.

    I noticed that you are using to host your code. In order to provide a consistent experience for Moodle evelopers and ite administrators, it is recommended to follow the repository naming convention for Modle Plugins, namely, moodle-{plugintype}_{pluginname}. The recommendd repository name for this plugin would be:


    Would you consider renaming your Github repository so that it conforms with the naming convetion. This is not a requirment if you have reasons for not wishing to rename it. I like to encourage following the naming convention for consistency and to have that name correct before we approve the plugin.

    For now, I am going to mark this plugin as needing more work until we get these issues resolved. Thanks for your patience with the review and approval process.

    Peace - Anthony

    ps - I will email you the xml of the question I attempted to export
  • Anthony Borrow
    Sun, Oct 5, 2014, 5:31 AM
    Eoin - As discussed via email, the issue I had came from not have read the README file. As a result, I did not have the xls php extension installed and it was not working. In Moodle 2.8 we will be able to include an environment.xml file to check for this; however, it is important that this be stressed for Moodle 2.7. I would suggest having a notice in the description making this clear. I will go ahead and add one but feel free to modify it. Otherwise I think we are ready to fly so fasten your seat belt ;) Peace - Anthony
  • Wed, Apr 26, 2017, 6:48 PM
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