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Active quiz started originally as an update to the realtime quiz module, which has now grown into a separate module due to the very large functionality additions/changes. You will be able to offer in class quizzes on any device using a responsive theme, any question type from the question bank, use timed/not timed questions, grades reported back to the grade book, group quizzing (with a group attendance feature), view student responses in real time to offer in-class discussion about the results, and more!
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This is a type of quiz designed to be used in face-to-face lessons, with a classroom full of computers/tablets/phones.

The teacher creates the quiz in advance - adding question bank questions from the Moodle question bank.  (This includes any question type available for Moodle)

The quiz can be set up to take the quiz in class groups (set up through the Moodle built in groups functionality).  Group attendance may also be used in order only give present group members the final grade.

During the lesson, the teacher starts the quiz. Students can now connect to this quiz. Once the teacher is satisfied that all students have connected to the quiz, they can click on "Start Quiz"

Depending on the question settings the question will end automatically, or will need to be ended via the instructor's "end question" button.  The instructor can review student responses in real time and re-poll the same question, go to the next question, or jump to any question set up for the session.

The teacher can, at a later date, go back through the results and, for each question, see exactly what answer each student gave.  Students will also be able to view their attempts based on the display options in the quiz settings.  Grades are also recorded based on the module settings for whether or not this particular quiz was assessed. 


The original plugin (real-time quiz) was written by Davo Smith, to which the University of Wisconsin - Madison (funded by an educational innovation grant given to the Medical school) re-wrote the plugin, which is now named active quiz.


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Picture of John Hoopes
John Hoopes (Lead maintainer)
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  • Picture of Bill Junkin
    Thu, Aug 3, 2017, 8:35 AM
    Hi, Ramon,
    I am the primary author for the IPAL (In-class Polling for All Learners, that does some of the same things that the Active Quiz module does. IPAL supports only true-false, multichoice, and essay questions. IPAL displays a histogram for both the multichoice and the true-false questions and displays the text answers for essay questions. I am interested in extending IPAL so that it will give a useful display for other types of questions. If you have any suggestions about how to give a useful display for teachers (and to "launch a debate") when using other types of questions, your suggestions would be very useful. Thanks.
  • Picture of Sam Mudle
    Thu, Aug 3, 2017, 12:50 PM
    Hi Bill,

    One advantage of IPAL that Active Quiz is missing is the ability to select multiple questions at once rather than having to click the plus sign over and over again. It also seems that IPAL is much "leaner" as far as performance, Active Quiz kinda lags my browser compared to IPAL. IPAL is missing a count down timer, but the instructor can just press STOP POLLING when he/she wants to end it for that quiz. Also you can run the IPAL quiz questions in any order which is nice.
  • Picture of German Acevedo
    Wed, Nov 1, 2017, 8:14 AM
    If I create a question in active quiz, where are the questions stored?
    I'm trying to edit a question but can't find it in the questions bank, or a way to preview or edit the question inside active quiz.
    Thanks in advance for any help on this!
  • Picture of Visvanath Ratnaweera
    Wed, Nov 22, 2017, 4:25 PM
    To the maintainers, I was looking for a "competition" to walk-through the topics for the coming exam. Somebody suggested Active quiz. I could conduct the competition on very short notice, primarily because I could use the questions from my question bank. The school Moodle doesn't have the plug-in installed. Solved that with a MoodleBox (

    A big "Thank you" for your great work!
  • Picture of InsightKorea JobS
    Mon, Dec 18, 2017, 2:49 PM
    It looks like a useful plugin.
    I'd like to get a 3.3 compatible version soon.
  • Picture of John Hoopes
    Mon, Dec 18, 2017, 9:29 PM
    Hi Everyone,

    I apologize for not responding and not responding for the past half year to a year. It's been a pretty busy year for me, and I just haven't had a ton of time to devote to side/personal projects. My hope is to get a compatible version out by early January for the Moodle versions that are currently supported, and then look to add new features or other enhancements. If you have any of those, please feel free to open an issue on the GitHub repository and I'll look at them there.

    Thank you all for the thank yous, and I apologize again for being MIA.
  • Picture of Stephen Overall
    Tue, Jan 16, 2018, 4:53 AM
    Also eagerly awaiting 3.3 compatible version release. Thank you for this plugin!
  • Picture of Antony Goodman
    Wed, Feb 14, 2018, 6:14 PM
    +1 for the 3.3 version. Anyone got this running this with 3.3?
  • Picture of Tobias Reischmann
    Fri, Apr 6, 2018, 12:11 AM
    Hey John,
    I have seen that you made some commits in the repository and also increased the version number in the end, saying it would be for a new release. However, you did not yet publish a new release here. I would be very interested if the current development state is seen as to be moodle 3.4 ready.
    Additionally: Are you planning to implement the necessary changes for the upcoming GDPR policies ( in the next time?
  • Picture of Julien Ciaffi
    Wed, Feb 13, 2019, 9:52 PM
    +1 for the 3.5 version. I really miss this plugin. Thank you John.
  • Picture of Eric Breton
    Fri, Apr 12, 2019, 10:40 PM
    Hello, can you tell us if the plugin will support version 3.6 of Moodle in a near future ?
  • Picture of Bill Junkin
    Wed, Apr 17, 2019, 5:34 AM
    Hi, Eric and Julien,
    Active Quiz is indeed a great Module and I hope John Hoopes gets it working with the most recent versions soon. In the meantime, you may want to investigate the Live Report Moodle module that I have created. I have tested it with recent releases of Moodle and it seems to work fine with all these versions. Also, I have some new features that I will be releasing soon that will add even more capability to this module. (The new version, which I am still testing before releasing it in Moodle, can be found at its github site.) Bill Junkin,
  • Picture of marco caparvi
    Thu, Nov 7, 2019, 12:20 AM
    I really appreciate this plugin but adding one question by one is painstaking, Would it require a great effort to bulk add or randomize a set of question from a category/subcategory?

    No intention to be unpolite or arrogant, just english is not my native language.

    Good work
  • Picture of B. M.
    Wed, Dec 4, 2019, 9:36 PM
    Hi. A lecturer has reported an issue with using the drag and drop onto image question type: Briefly, the story is that drag-and-drop questions show normally sized placeholders in the preview mode, but when running them in a quiz, the placeholders shrink to a pixel and it’s impossible for students to place the answers. It seems the problem does NOT occur in the "normal" Quiz activity. Is there a way to correct this?
  • Picture of Hendrik Knoche
    Tue, Feb 25, 2020, 7:01 AM
    I love this plugin - have been using it live class settings for four years now. I would really like to better to control the feedback students receive after submission of their answer while the quiz is live (similar to the options with regular quizzes).
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