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A block to show a twitter feed with markup that can be styled via themes.
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Twitter Feed Block for Moodle

Moodle block which a twitter feed with easily stylable markup


This plugin requires Moodle 2.7 or greater


  • Install the plugin like any other plugin to folder /blocks/twitter
  • See for details on installing Moodle plugins
  • To enable the twitter block to contact the twitter API you will need to set up an application for twitter to use.
  • Visit and login with your twitter account to use this application.
  • For configuration on Moodle, you will need a Consuer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, and an Access Token Secret.
  • Once you have these details, fill in the relevant settings for the block in moodle through the plugin administration interface.


The block_twitter plugin has 2 settings per instance:
A setting for the number of tweets to show on the block.
A setting for the twitter handle to get a list of tweets from. Currently only 1 handle per block is supported.

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