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Kaltura plug-ins for Moodle 2.1 - 2.x and 3.x
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Kaltura's Video Package for Moodle 2.x makes it easy to add the robust capabilities of Kaltura's open
source online video platform to any Moodle site. The package was developed specifically for Moodle
and integrates with other features and modules, such as resources and activities, so that users can
upload and embed media easily.

The package adds the following features for all users:

* My Media: users’ personal media gallery, for uploading, viewing, managing, and sharing media

* Create screen recordings and use them in the Kaltura activities

* Integration as an external repository with the file picker accessible from the text editor: embed your media or media you have access to, anywhere you can author text

In addition, Teachers and Admins have the following features available:

* Video Resource activity: Easily add video content to your course as a specialized resource

* Video Presentation activity: Create a synchronized view of a Document and a Video

* Video Assignment activity: Allows students to submit videos as an assignment submission

* View engagement reports for videos used on your course


Version information:

Please take note of the version of Moodle you have and the version of the plug-in you are installing. The Download page states which version of Moodle the version of the plug-in is for.

Version information example: Kaltura release 3.0.96 (RL:

3.0.96 is the version of the plug-in that Kaltura has release. It does not correspond to any Moodle version number and it should be referenced when contacting Kaltura support.

RL: is our internal version. The first two points (2.5) correspond to the version of Moodle that it has been tested with (Moodle 2.5.x).



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  • Picture of gonen r
    Mon, Nov 20, 2017, 5:56 PM
    Hi Jörgen

    To our knowledge, the "copy" in Moodle is actually importing an archived course.
    From our investigation (which, admittedly, was few Moodle versions ago) - when you import an archived course into a new course - the relevant event that gets triggered in Moodle does not include the original course ID - so our plugin can't tell from which Kaltura category a content should be copied into the new category (that represents the new course).
    So this is a limitation that our plugin has and it is imposed on us by Moodle (so not a limitation we can solve on our own).

    I'm not familiar with the REST call to copy a course. if it works differently than the archive-import, and a plugin such as Kaltura could catch the "duplicate" event and use it to perform a copy in the Kaltura side - we could probably add this capability to the plugin.
    However, a quick look in Moodle's core code shows that this REST call is actually just automating a backup of existing course and then immediately imports it - so essentially, it is the same as "archive import" that is available in the moodle admin, thus I don't think we will be able to solve it.

    For LMSs that we cannot support an automated course copy in, we developed a KAF feature ("channelimport") that allows the course manager (= teacher) to copy content from other courses he manages - this is shown when you open the course gallery page.
  • Jörgen Ivarsson
    Mon, Nov 20, 2017, 6:08 PM
    Hi Gonen! Thank you for your quick reply! I understand that certain features can't easily be implemented in all LMS:s as they have different ways of doing things (like copy courses). But given that, i find it very interesting that you have a feature that lets teachers copy a channel by themselves. When you use this feature, does copying a channel copy both the video content and the play lists? And my most importen question: How do I activate this feature? I cannot see any sign of this feature in our media gallery. Is it something I have to activate in the Moodle KAF?
  • Picture of gonen r
    Mon, Nov 20, 2017, 8:43 PM
    Hi Jörgen,
    I think it copies both entries and playlists.
    You activate this by enabling the "channelimport" module in your KAF admin.
    If you have further questions, you can reach out to your CSM or to Kaltura Customer Care and they will be able to give you more info about this feature.
  • Jörgen Ivarsson
    Mon, Nov 20, 2017, 8:53 PM
    Hi Gonen!
    I have successfully activated the setting to enable this function in the KAF. Thank you very much for your help! It would completely solve our problem (even better than an automatic solution) if it wasn't for one thing: It only copies 10 playlists. And if that was not bad enough, if you have 11 playlists in a course, it won't copy any playlist at all. We would have to copy all 11 playlists by hand. This behavior is really bad. If it at least copied the first 10 playlists.
    Do you know if there is some way to increase this limit? We have one course right now with 10 playlists, and I suspect that it soon will have even more playlists. If there have to be a limit for performance reasons, it would be nice to be able to set the limit ourself in the KAF. Do you know anything about this limit? Is there any plans to remove the limit och at least change it?
  • Picture of gonen r
    Mon, Nov 20, 2017, 8:56 PM
    The limit is indeed there for performance reasons.
    raising the limit is currently not configurable and will require code change.
    Let's take this discussion via CSM or Customer Care (you can note that I provided some info here, so they will know to contact me internally and keep me in the loop) to see what could be done.
  • Jörgen Ivarsson
    Mon, Nov 20, 2017, 9:37 PM
    Thank you for your help Gonen!
  • Picture of Tomoya Saito
    Sat, Feb 24, 2018, 12:15 AM
    Moodle 3.4 requires PHP 7.0.0 or later.
    And, I use PHP 7.1.0 for our Moodle site.
    But, the "Kaltura Video Package" uses a deprecated function "mcrypt_encrypt" in "KalturaClientBase.php".
    This function has been deprecated as of PHP 7.1.0.
    I guess that the package must use a function "openssl_encrypt" instead of "mcrypt_encrypt".
    PHP 5.3.0 and later versions support the function "openssl_encrypt".
  • Picture of gonen r
    Sun, Feb 25, 2018, 5:37 PM
    @tomoya Saito

    Are you using the KAF-based plugin or your own non-KAF version?
    I've opened an internal ticket to change the php client library that the plugin uses to one that does not use mcrypt.
    if you're using your non-KAF implementation, feel free to suggest a pull request for with a different encryption implementation.
  • Picture of Tomoya Saito
    Mon, Feb 26, 2018, 12:07 AM
    @gonen r

    I use non-KAF plugin, and our plugins use the Kaltura client library.
    And, I found this issue in the Kaltura client library and the KAF-base plugin.
    I have created "Pull requests" in github repositories of the KAF-based plugin and the Kaltura Client Generator.

  • Picture of Dmitri Smirnoff
    Wed, Jul 18, 2018, 4:10 AM
    I'm new with Kaltura CE & Moodle. We want to have ability to create interactive video and video quiz. I checked Video Package for Moodle at Kaltura forum that required KAF plugin.
    Add video to assignments, tests, quizzes.

    Is it possible to use >Video Package for Moodle< without KAF ?
    Do we have opensource plugins for video quiz and interactive video?

    Thank you
  • Picture of gonen r
    Wed, Jul 18, 2018, 8:43 PM
    @dmitri Smirnoff
    There is a community-maintained plugin that does not use KAF, but to my knowledge it does not support Kaltura quiz and gradebook integration.
  • Picture of Dmitri Smirnoff
    Fri, Jul 20, 2018, 11:30 PM
    Does any one can suggest a plugin for kaltura/moodle to use podcast audio (voice only) and another one with video? Thank you in advance.
  • Picture of Tim Reynaert
    Mon, May 6, 2019, 9:04 PM

    Is it possible to have automatic activity completion tracking with the Kaltura video resource activity?
    For instance, activity completion when the user started the video, or when a number of seconds of the video have been watched, or when the video is completed?

    Kind regards
  • Picture of Dámaso Velázquez Álvarez
    Wed, Oct 23, 2019, 9:50 PM
    Hello, how can I install this plugin? Because the zip file hasn't the standard structure.

    Best Regards.
  • Picture of gonen r
    Thu, Oct 24, 2019, 3:34 PM
    @Dámaso - the installation guide is here:
    you need to extract the zip in the root of your moodle installation on the server (we do not support uploading from Moodle admin UI).
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