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FastTest PlugIn helps create the most used Moodle question types. All the fields to be filled in are shown on a single screen (for each type of question). Most of your time will be spent thinking and writing the questions. Once you have written them in the plugin, the XML file is generated, just by pressing a button. To upload the question bank in Moodle, you only have to import the XML file to the platform. All the videos are in Spanish, but most of them have subtitles. You can turn on automatic translation.
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FastTest PlugIn helps to create almost all types of Moodle questions. 

The following video is a quick explanation of what can be done with this plugin. The audio is in Spanish, but you can activate subtitles in English or "automatically translate" to any language that YouTube has.


For each type of question, in a single screen, you have all the fields that must be completed (see images). Most of your time will be spent writing the questions. 

MULTIPLE CHOICE                                    TRUE / FALSE


MATCH ANSWER                                   SHORT ANSWER

Match  Short answer

ESSAY                             MISSING WORDS

Essay  Missing Word



Numeric and calculated question types are not generated directly, but can be simulated using Cloze and Excel formulas that use variables. On the YouTube channel there are tutorial videos that explain how to do it. You can create up to 100 identical questions, with different data, and in one go.

Similar questions

Once you've written them into the plugin, the XML file is generated with the push of a button. To create the question bank in Moodle, it only remains to import the XML file, in the corresponding virtual course.

Export XML file

You can use this plugin even if you don't know how to create some kind of question in Moodle. Although it is advisable to know how to do it in Moodle, the important thing is to know how you want to write the question.

FastTest PlugIn also helps create questions with images and formulas. Explain how you can work with them, easily and without losing the links to the images. Another plugin has been created that serves to have a database of both formulas and images.

To create Formulas & Images

The questions can be exported to text documents, in case the user wishes to be able to use them in written exercises.

To use FastTest PlugIn it is necessary to have an Excel program license (higher than version 2007) and to work on the Excel desktop. With the online version of Excel it doesn't work. When opening the plugin it is necessary to give permission to use the macros.

It is not necessary to know how to use Excel. You will only have to write the questions in the corresponding cells. If you are an advanced Excel user, you will get more performance from the add-in.

It is proven to work well on Windows. With MAC it does not work in all versions, nor in all the add-on options.

Description of the files:

  • FastTest - PlugIn.xlsm (executable with macros)
  • FastTest - DataBase.xlsm (file necessary to export the questions and save backup copies in an orderly manner)
  • FastTest - DataBase - Example.xlsm (file with sample questions, written in Spanish)
  • MOODLE.xml (file necessary for MAC users to generate the file to import into Moodle).
  • FastTest - Game.xls (file to export Multiple Choice 1 Correct Answer questions to a game - Juego de la OCA). 

Export questions to Game

The plugin has been developed in Spanish. But it is also in English and French. Although it is in Italian, German and Portuguese, these three languages ​​have been translated with the Google translator. You can customize the language to any language that Google Translate supports and change some sentences with your own words. 

Change Language

Programming language: VBA within the Microsoft Excel application.

External documentation URL: it is the index with the links to the tutorial videos. You can read it in any language that Google Translate supports.

Website URL: is YouTube channel. In this channel are the plugin video tutorials. They are in Spanish, but most have subtitles and automatic translation can be activated.


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Milagros Huerta Gómez de Merodio (Lead maintainer)
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