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Provides a bulk upload tool to load completions results for Moodle Courses that consist of a single External Content Activity, the information is loaded from a Text Delimited File
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A tool to allow import of completion results for External content (mod_externalcontent) activities using a text delimited file.

The External content activity is available here: mod_externalcontent

The Course and External content activity should have been uploaded using the tool_uploadexternalcontent as this correctly configures the Course and Activity ID Number.

The import enrols the student into the course, marks the activity viewed, if the import of course sets EXTERNAL_MARKCOMPLETEEXTERNALLY=true the activity is also marked as Completed and if a score is included a grade is added.

NOTE: The way Moodle handles completions means for the grade and completion it is the date of the import you cannot import the date of the completion as recorded in the external system.


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