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Maintained by Matt ClarksonMatt Clarkson, Catalyst IT
A Moodle search plugin implemented using Postgres full text indexing with optional file indexing using Apache Tika.
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Current versions available: 2

This plugin allows Moodle to use Postgres full-text indexing as a backend for Moodle's global search.

The following features are provided by this plugin:

  • File indexing (using Apache Tika)
  • Search result ranking
  • Search term highlighting

Note: Your Moodle installation must use Postgres, MySQL and other databases are not supported.


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Matt Clarkson
Matt Clarkson (Lead maintainer)
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  • A Coloradian who was sucked into facebook against his wishes
    Sat, Aug 15, 2020, 6:01 AM
    Will this be upgraded to work on Moodle 3.9?
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