HTML (per role)

Blocks ::: block_rolespecifichtml
Maintained by Valery Fremaux
Allows distinct roles to get differetn content within an HTML bloc at the same layout location.
Mary Cooch
Mary Cooch
Sunday, September 4, 2016, 9:28 PM
General comments
The HTML  per role block provides a simple solution to an oft-requested issue in Moodle: the possibility of displaying different messages to different roles in a Moodle course. A typical course might include editing teachers, non-editing teachers, students and even possibly moderators or supervisors with either the standard manager role or a custom role. Keeping the course tidy while displaying separate instructions to different people can prove tricky, involving hidden labels and complex r...
Something to bear in mind if you are thinking of privacy is that anyone who can add this block can see or edit the messages of a higher role to themselves. So for example, an editing teacher can access the block and view any instructions set for someone with a manager role. This is not a problem as long as all parties are aware of the situation.
Using the block couldn't be simpler: an administrator can install it directly from Site administration>Plugins>Install plugins and then a course editor can select HTML per role block from the Add block dropdown when the editing is turned on.The interface is fairly intuitive, although it's important to be aware of the role contexts and also, should certain users have more than one role in a course, which message you wish to be displayed for them in the block. There is a box to type a messag...
Based as it is on the standard HTML block, this custom block also works well in RTL languages such as Hebrew.
The  block is one of many contributed to the community by experienced developer Valéry Frémaux of  French Moodle Partner Edunao. As such we can expect it to be well designed and well maintained.