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Atto ::: atto_pastespecial
Maintained by Joseph Inhofer
PasteSpecial button for Atto reduces clutter when pasting from non-Atto text editors.
Mike Churchward
Thursday, March 17, 2016, 4:51 AM
General comments
Version reviewed: 2015082600Summary:Atto “Paste Special” plugin was designed to reduce or eliminate the extraneous html markup code generated when content is pasted into the html editor directly from an external source (vs. typed in directly). Recent versions have expanded upon this functionality to allow users to insert tables, to keep original styling elements, and to paste in html code that hasn’t been “cleansed.” While the output produced by this plugin ably addresses the needs...
Installation:Installation is straightforward so there’s no need to change the configuration defaults.Layout of dialog boxThe layout and labeling of the text fields on the screen (1, 3, 2, 4) is out of sequence and, forcing the user to jump around the screen to find out where to go next. The layout for the “Help” screen takes this problem a step further with the list of options that appear in Step 2 displaced completely by a line of descriptive text (“Follow the itemized steps to past...
Clearly, including an option to “Paste text without cleaning HTML” gives the user the ability to circumvent Atto’s expressed goal to deliver rich content that doesn’t compromise “usability and accessibility” guidelines.More importantly, the plugin itself has accessibility issues. For example, when content is pasted into the “Content to be pasted” box, a user cannot keyboard navigate to the “Select from where the text was formatted” section.
Full code testing results(Scores out of 2 - 2 = perfect; 1 = some concerns; 0 = problems.)Tested for PHP 5.6 and 7 on both MySQL and Postgres. No version of technology problems were found. Score - 2.Installation test (mpci install) - no problems. Score 2.PHP syntax test (mpci phplint) - no problems. Score 2.PHP copy/paste detector (mpci phpcpd) - no duplication of code. Score 2.PHP code complexity (mpci phmd) - Very minor issue caused by API; no penalty. Score - 2.Moodle code guidelines (...