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Maintained by Issam Taboubi, Gilles-Philippe Leblanc
Reports based on course module competencies to offer students and teachers a better user experience for competencies in activities ratings.
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This documentation assumes your Moodle site already uses competencies and have at least one competency framework and learning plans created. For more information about competencies in Moodle, see

Teacher documentation
Add competencies
  • The teacher must first add competencies to the course and the activities, using the core functionality.
Rate the competencies in activities
  • On the course homepage, the teacher has to click on the title of an activity, and in the activity administration menu he has a new item "Competencies assessment" (not to be confused with "Competency breakdown", which assess the competency at the course level).
  • He can choose a student and rate the competencies for this student, for this activity (by clicking on the rating for each competency).
  • He can than choose another student and rate the competencies for this other student, for the same activity, or he can go back to the course page, choose another activity and go to the Competencies assessment page for this other activity.

Rate the competencies for the course
  • He can, as always (core functionality) go to the Course Administration menu, then "More...", then Reports > Competency breakdown and rate the competency for the course itself.
Bulk rating for competencies in activities
  • On the course homepage, the teacher has to click on the title of an activity, and in the activity administration menu, he clicks on the item "Competencies assessment".
  • On the right, there is a "Bulk rating for all students for all competencies of this activity" button. This button goes to a page where the teacher can choose a scale value for each competency linked to the course. When he clicks the Save button of this page, a task is created. The evaluations will be made in the next passage of the cron, typically not more than a few minutes.
  • He can also switch to another activity via a dropdown menu on the right and bulk rate
  • It is important to note that only the students who are not rated yet will be rated by the bulk rating functionnality. So, the teacher can rate a few students manually with specific values, than do the bulk rating with a standard value for all the other students.
The student navigates to the homepage of one of his courses, then in the course menu (on the left), there is a new item "Competencies linked in the course activities".
There, he has a dropdown with the activities of the course. He chooses an activity and can view the details of the evaluation for the competencies of this activity.
As always (core functionality), he can also go to "Competencies" in the course menu and view the details for the ratings at the course level.


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