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Assignment report and data/files export. Particularly handy for anonymous assignments.
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Report to provide detailed information about Assignment submissions in a Course.

The original report was created to help identify users who have not submitted to an Assignment when blind marking is enabled. It has now grown to have a number of other features.

Features are as follows...

  • List all Assignments in a course and their basic status (e.g. blind marking, workflow)
  • Show a table of submission data for all students within a selected Assignment. Additional identifying information can be displayed to help identify non-submitting students
  • Export the data for an Assignment to Excel.
  • Export the data for all Assignments in the Course to a single Excel sheet
  • Dump all submission files and all feedback (both files and comments) to a structured zip file (e.g. for archiving)
  • Turnitin and/or Urkund scores are included if you use them

Admin settings are available to control what identifying data is included in the report (e.g. email address, id number)


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