Favourite plugins

List of plugins that have been marked as favourite by the Moodle community members.
Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Favourited
File drag & drop Atto An Atto plugin which adds drag and drop support for files which aren't images. Paul Nicholls 25
Quiz fault-tolerant mode Quiz access rules This plugin is designed to allow, as far as possible, a student to continue working on a deferred-feedback quiz attempt even if the network connection goes down. Tim Hunt 25
aigne Themes This theme is oriented to improve the rate of loading pages giving a new look. Optimized for areas with slower Internet connection, following the standard programming parameters, using only php, html and css. People without previous knowledge can set up the theme with more than 100 options of customization. Please, check the 'add to my favorite'. It's the better way to keep this Project alive... :) ... thanks!!! Franc Pombal 25
Moodle2Mobile Themes This theme has been developed for smartphones, compatible with iPhone/iPodtouch/Android 4.x devices. Let us know how it works for you. Beto Castillo Llaque 25
Inspire Admin tools The Inspire plugin implements open source, transparent next-generation learning analytics using machine learning backends that go beyond simple descriptive analytics to provide predictions of learner success, and ultimately diagnosis and prescriptions (advisements) to learners and teachers. From Moodle HQ. David Monllaó 25
Edit roles by capability Admin tools A Moodle admin tool to edit the permissions for one capability in all roles on one screen. Tim Hunt 25
Poodll Anywhere (Atto) Atto Poodll Anywhere (Atto) allows the user to record audio and video or draw pictures, or snap pictures, directly into forum posts, assignment descriptions, page resource content, question descriptions, question responses and other areas. Justin Hunt 25
Offline attempts access rule Quiz access rules This plugin adds a new access rule to allow the quiz to be downloaded for offline usage in the Moodle Mobile app. It requires the "Moodle Mobile additional features" (local_mobile) plugin installed. Juan Leyva 25
Gift with medias format Question formats Question import format similar to Gift and uses the same syntax, but instead of a text file it imports a zip file containing the gift text file and media files (images, sounds, ...); Jean-Michel Védrine 25
MathType for TinyMCE by WIRIS TinyMCE Type and handwrite mathematical notation in Moodle with MathType. WIRIS team SUPPORT 25
Reader Activities The Reader module for Moodle 2.x tracks the students' reading achievements. Gordon Bateson 25
PDF.js Folder Activities PDF.js Folder is a plugin intended to make sure that added PDFs always open in the browser. Jonas Nockert 25
Grade distribution Grade reports The gradereport gradedist module allows for viewing the distribution of student grades for a course regarding the current grade letter boundaries as well as changing these to shift the distribution. AMC Academic Moodle Cooperation 25
Data privacy Admin tools Provides the workflow for users to submit subject access requests and for site administrators and privacy officers to process these requests. Moodle HQ 25
Simple Clock Blocks A simple JavaScript clock that highlights the time difference between a student and the Moodle server Michael de Raadt 24
Use template on course creation General plugins (Local) This local plugin allows site administrators to create "template" courses which will be restored into new courses on course creation. Charles Fulton 24
SMS Notifier Blocks A one way SMS messaging block. 3i Logic LMS 24
Elcentra Social Login Authentication Updated! This plugin gives you an easy way of letting your users login through their Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and VKontakte (New!) accounts. elcentra admin 24
Telegram Messaging outputs This plugin provides a Moodle message output for Telegram. Users can configure the plugin to send Moodle notifications through a Telegram Bot and channel. Mike Churchward 24
Horizontal rule Atto Horizontal Rule for Atto Damyon Wiese 24
Local Pages General plugins (Local) This plugin is to enable Custom pages and forms in Moodle. It provides a quick way to create custom contact forms and custom page content. The pages created can be publicly accessed or available to certain users based on settings you choose for the page. This allows you to create pages such as: "terms and conditions", marketing material and more. Kevin Dibble 24
H5P Filter Filters This filter adds the possibility to get h5p content being automatically embedded in textfields based on the activityname. Robert Schrenk 24
File upload User profile fields A file upload profile field for Moodle Shamim Rezaie 24
Download Certificates Blocks This block displays all the previously issued certificates without having to go into each course to view them. You will also be able to download the certificates directly from the block report. It will also work for courses that needs to be archived but still want students to be able to download the certificate. You will need to make sure you change the course visibility 'Enrolled users only' and hide all other resources except the certificates. New Feature: All previously issued certificates can be downloaded as Zipped file. Contributed by Neeraj KP (kpneeraj). Manieer Chhettri 24
Facebook comments Blocks Add Facebook like and comment box to your moodle. Ankit Agarwal 24
Training Sessions Reports Aggregates time use stats given by the use_stats block for elaborating high level training reports in Profesional Development environments Valery Fremaux 24
Unique Login Authentication This authentication plug-in prevents that each one Moodle user has more than one active session simultaneously. António Vilela 24
Cohort role synchronization General plugins (Local) Automatically synchronize cohort members into system roles. Paul Holden 24
Algebra Question types Question type where the student must answer by typing an algebra formula. Correctness can be checked by three different methods. Jean-Michel Védrine 24
Wiris Quizzes Commons question type Question types Wiris Quizzes Commons question type is the engine needed for each WIRIS question type to work properly. It is a necessary component for all Wiris Quizzes question types. WIRIS team SUPPORT 24
Application Form Activities This module is for submission of the application form. Fumikazu Iseki 24
Myddleware - Your open source data integration tool General plugins (Local) Myddleware for Moodle enables you to transfer your data easily and safely from your Moodle application to other applications such as your e-commerce, CRM or messaging tools. By doing so, it ensures a durable quality of your data, which is a prerequisite for productivity and efficiency. Connected applications : SalesForce, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Sage CRM, SAP CRM, Sage Live, Hubspot, Zuora, Magento, Prestashop, Mailchimp, Dolist, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, FTP... Stéphane Faure 24
Page format Other the "page format" is a very flexible course format allowing building a hierarchical course with nested pages organisation and a totally floxeible way of compositing the course with blocs and activities placed anywhere in the three-or-less-columns layout. Additionnally it proposes a new richer way to integrate activities in course, with "alternate views" that changes the historical [ "icon" + Link ] display. Some standard activities will have some alternate available views, and we still receive suggestions about how could some activites have an "enriched" display in the course pages. The page format is now maintained by ActiveProLearn (France) Valery Fremaux 24
OU multiple response Question types The main difference from the standard Moodle multiple choice question type is in the way that grading works. When creating the question, the teacher just indicates which choices are correct. If there are n correct choices, then the student scores 1/n for each correct choice, and loses 1/n for each incorrect choice. Tim Hunt 24
Turnitin's Moodle Direct v2 Activities Turnitin's Moodle Direct v2 integration activity module is a standalone Moodle module with the aim of representing the full suite of Turnitin's features within the standard Moodle workflow. The module is an upgrade on the previous Turnitin plugin and is developed and maintained by Turnitin. John McGettrick 23
MCQ breakdown Quiz reports Provides a tabular breakdown of results for quizzes containing MCQs. Steve Bond 23
Matrix question Question types Matrix question type. Laurent Opprecht 23
Video chat Blocks The Video chat block allows users in the same course to have video chat using WebRTC. It supports openandtalk.com and other video chat service. kien Vu 23
Kprime(ETH) Question types A four option multiple true-false question type for moodle, as introduced by Krebs (1997). Kprime questions consist of an item stem and four corresponding statements or options. ETH Zürich 23
Group Members Activities This plugin adds a resource module. Teachers can use it to communicate groups and group co-members to participants. Learnweb – University of Münster 23
Annotate Blocks Collaborative course material review and annotation in Moodle. Textensor Team 23
Simple Themes Simple design, follows the best practice of responsive web design. Web ICT ZHAW 23
Moodle flavours General plugins (Local) Tool to package (into downloadable files) and deploy sets of Moodle plugins, settings, language packs and language customizations David Monllaó 23
PDF Annotation Activities The PDF annotator allows students to insert questions, comments and remarks on learning materials in PDF format directly into the document. Since all students, lecturers and tutors can read and answer the questions and comments asked, it is made easier to clarify open questions on lecture slides, scripts and other PDF learning materials quickly and in a concrete context. A. Obeid 23
Associated input User profile fields An associated profile field, associates its value with a core optional profile field. Shamim Rezaie 23
Navbar Plus General plugins (Local) Moodle plugin which enhances the functionality of Moodle's page header navbar. Ulm University 23
Course slider Blocks A simple course slider block that displays a chosen list of courses in a carousel. Manoj Solanki 23
Restriction by badge Availability conditions Activities in a course can be restricted by a badge Tim Lock 23
oohoo - Tab display Activities The tab display module allows you to setup your information in a tabbed format. This helps to clean up your course by combining several resources into Tabs. Patrick Thibaudeau 23
Course Menu block Blocks The Course Menu block for Moodle provides navigation between course sections (topics/weeks) Alex Contis 23