Quiz access rules: User-IP Mapping quiz access rule

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This plugin allow us to restrict a user to attempt the quiz only from a pre-allocated location(e.g IP address).
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Moodle Plugin - User-IP mapping quiz access rule


1) If we want to restrict a user to attempt the quiz only from a pre-allocated location(e.g IP address).

2) To have a record of from which all locations the quiz was attempted and by whom.


Users appearing for the quiz need to be mapped with an IP address.


1) Download and unzip the zip file.

2) Place the plugin folder in the " /mod/quiz/accessrule  " subdirectory.

3) Remove the accessrule_navigation_patch.txt file from the " /mod/quiz/accessrule/useripmapping " subdirectory and place it under 

    " /mod/quiz/  ".

4) Apply the patch by 

   i) navigating to the folder

  ii) executing following command in the command prompt

       patch -p3 < accessrule_navigation_patch.txt

  Fig. 1 navigate to the quiz folder and run above cmd.

  Fig. 2  After successful patch application.

5) Visit http://yoursite.com/admin to finish the installation

6) Complete the installation by clicking on “Upgrade Moodle database now”,click on continue after the success notification appears on the page.

   Fig. 3 Notification shown on moodle/admin page.

    Fig. 4  Plugin installed successfully


To use this plugin,follow below two steps.

1) Enable "Enable user-IP mapping",in Quiz Settings(it can be done while creating the quiz

     or after creating,by visiting Edit Settings)

2) Check "Allow Unmapped" if you want to allow the unmapped users to attempt the quiz.If left 

    unchecked,unmapped users would not be allowed to attempt the quiz.

   Fig. 5  Select Yes to enable the plugin.

3) User-IP mapping can be managed in the quiz administration block.

   Quiz administration block->Access Rule->User-IP Mapping->Import user-IP mappings.

    Fig. 6 Navigate to quiz administration block to manage user-IP mappings.


    Fig. 7 Import new mappings or edit existing ones.

  Fig. 8 Upload csv file containing list of mappings.

4) User-IP mappings are quiz dependent.For every quiz you wish to use this plugin,a mapping list should be uploaded again from their respective quiz administration block.

5) A quiz can have multiple mapping uploaded,though only the latest mapping would be considered to restrict the student from attempting the quiz.

Requirement of the mapping file to be uploaded are:

1) The file should be in CSV(comma separated values) format.

2) It should have two fields.First field should be for usernames and second for IP addresses.

Fig. 9 Sample csv mapping file

3) Both the fields(username,ip) are required field,if even any one of the field is missing would lead to an error and the upload wouldn't proceed untill all the required fields are present in the csv file.Only registered and enrolled user's mapping would be uploaded rest all mappings will be skipped

  Fig. 10 Error thrown as both username and ip entries are not present in all records.

   Fig. 11 List contained records having users not registered and not enrolled.

      Fig. 12 Not registered and not enrolled users mapping will skipped while uploading.

    Fig. 13 An sample file with accepted mapping records.

      Fig. 14 All mappings were successfully added.

4) There should be one to one mapping between user and IP address,i.e each user should be mapped to only one IP address (in multiple mapping uploads,previous alloted IP would override with the latest one by default.)


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