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Moodle quiz report plugin to achieve archiving your test, by printing out all attempts at once.
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This plugin requires Moodle 3.4.

Motivation for this report

For some lecturers it is a good practice, that after an Moodle test they want to archive all student's attempts – i.e. print them all out or save them as PDF. This plugin prints out the 'Review attempt' pages for each student in one single report. The Moodle Tracker issue linked is MDL-45903 – "A way to print or export the quiz responses of each student as a document".


Install the plugin to folder /mod/quiz/report/archive

See http://docs.moodle.org/en/Installing_plugins for details on installing Moodle plugins


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Picture of Luca Bösch
Luca Bösch (Lead maintainer)
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  • Picture of Plugins bot
    Tue, Jun 19, 2018, 3:50 PM
    Approval issue created: CONTRIB-7337
  • Picture of Rui Figueiredo
    Tue, Oct 16, 2018, 6:14 PM
    Great plugin!!!
  • Picture of Filippo Caburlotto
    Mon, Nov 12, 2018, 9:03 PM
    Hi, I'm really sorry, but I can't find any way to create the archive. How does the plugin work? Where can I find the link for creating the archive? Thank you
  • Picture of Luca Bösch
    Mon, Nov 12, 2018, 11:49 PM
    Dear Fil.
    In your quiz, after installing this plugin, there is a Results → Archive menu point which previously was not there.
    Go to that page and print out all the output. Or send it to a PDF converter. As declared in the description, this does not create a zip, rar or tgz archive whatsoever. It prints out the 'Review attempt' pages for each student in one single report
    This is an archive of all submitted attempts on a single glimpse, and an archive, nevertheless.
  • Picture of Filippo Caburlotto
    Tue, Nov 13, 2018, 4:02 PM
    Hi Luca,
    Thank you for the quick reply, but I have the same problem... I'm feeling a bit awkward... I'm using the new 3.5.3 release and I can't see anything about what archive. If you want you can see a screenshot of the grade page at this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eW-aPDaMreKsIvT85EcEGRQyxKTVU_gp/view?usp=sharing
    Is it the right place?
    Than you and ... sorry again.
  • Picture of Luca Bösch
    Thu, Nov 15, 2018, 1:42 AM
    Dear Fil. The quiz archive report is in the single quiz activity.
    You are showing the grades user interface. URL look something like mod/quiz/report.php?id=XX&mode=archive, XX being the quiz ID.

  • Picture of Jaime Javier Arriola Suárez
    Fri, Nov 16, 2018, 1:25 AM
    Dear Luca Bösch I think that the plugin has an interesting functionality but I really can not find the way to use it.
    I have Moodle 3.5.0 installed.
    I really believe that the comment where it is suggested to add more details in screenshots is the most appropriate; On the other hand you could also make a short video to show your use and I think that would be the best because I definitely do not understand how to use this.

    Best regards!
  • Picture of Filippo Caburlotto
    Fri, Nov 16, 2018, 5:23 PM
    Dear Luca,
    thank you again... I misunderstood the way of using the module. It works really fine!!! Just one question: Is it possible to split the file in a way that every student begin in a new page?
    I.E. at the end of the first student quiz I should have a page break, and so on for every student...
    Thank you again.
  • Picture of Jaime Javier Arriola Suárez
    Tue, Nov 20, 2018, 1:14 AM
    Hi Filippo Caburlotto

    Can you share the steps to use this plugin?

    Best Regards!
  • Picture of David GILET
    Wed, Mar 6, 2019, 4:48 PM
    Bonjours Lucas, et merci pour ce pluging. Est-il possible d'ajouter une fonction "filtre" qui permettrais de filtrer les personnes (par groupe, cohorte, champs profil) afin d'éviter d'imprimer des tentatives déjà imprimée auparavant. Mon test sert à énormément de candidats et je voudrais pouvoir archiver les tentatives par votre pluging mais en filtrant les utilisateurs.
    je vous remercie d'avance

  • Picture of Filippo Caburlotto
    Tue, Mar 19, 2019, 10:53 PM
    Dear Luca,
    since I installed Moodle 3.6.3 I have the same problem I wrote you about 4 months ago. Students are not splitted in different pages, but a new student begin at the end of the prevoius page. It didn't happen with Moodle prevous versions.
    Is it possible to split the file in a way that every student begin in a new page?
    Thank you.
    Best Regards!
  • Me in Rome.
    Mon, Jun 17, 2019, 1:29 AM
    Dear Luca,
    your plugin is great and it's the one and only reason I decided to upgrade from the comfort of 2.9 to the unknown of the 3.7. It's already got huge potential, but, hoping that you don't mind, I would like to suggest a few improvements (which might as well be under development).
    1. the plugin should display the exact same thing that is displayed in the review page, i.e. should match the settings from the "Review options", section "After the quiz is closed". I am thinking about the school law in several Countries where a test to be valid must show 1) the text of the test, 2) the answer of the student, 3) the correction of the teacher (the correct answer), 4) the points awarded to each question; 5) the final grade shown should match the setting in the teacher's gradebook (because the snapshot we want to archive must show all of these five key-features in case of a later dispute over the corrections or the awarded final grade of the test.
    2. it should be possible to choose which user's attempt to archive according to the options set in the combo box "Separate groups" from the report overview page.
    These two additions to the plugin would definitely make it indispensable for any teacher who tests their students using Moodle instead of the traditional paper and pencil test.
    Thank you again for developing such a great plugin.
    I hope I hear from you with good news.
    Best regards,
  • Picture of Klaus Westermann
    Fri, Jul 19, 2019, 3:43 PM
    Dear Luca,
    it seems to be a great plugin - just what we need for documentation! We use moodle 3.5 (the newest built). But we get only the responses of the first participant. After that and a long time of waiting the browser notifies a time-out. The same happens on our very fast production moodle as on all of our test-servers. Can you imagine what happens? Thanks, Klaus
  • Picture of stefan weber
    Wed, Nov 27, 2019, 7:39 PM
    Thanks for this plugin, it's always great to find a feature missing in Moodle, and then find out that somebody already made a (well-maintained) plugin that does exactly what you need smile
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