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This plugin will be used to import and export multichoice( 4 choices ) questions having one or two answers from a CSV(Comma separated value) file into the question bank. Note: Only multichoice questions are supported as of now.
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This plugin contains support for importing and exporting of multichoice( 4 choices ) questions having one or two answers from CSV format into the question bank.

The CSV file used for import should have the following structure :

- A CSV file with all questions in comma separated value form with a .csv extension

- You can find a sample CSV file in the following location -> moodle/question/format/csv/sample.csv

- The first line contains the headers separated with commas. For example:

   questiontext,A,B,C,D,Answer 1,Answer 2

- Next lines contain the details of the question, each of the line contains one question text, four option, and either one or two answers, again all separated by commas.

- Each line contains all the details regarding the one question ie. question text, options, and answer.

- You can also download the sample file for your reference. Type yourmoodlesite/moodle/question/format/csv/sample.csv in the URL of the browser.

For example, if your site is then in browser URL, type:

More options will be added in the future updates.

Questions imported in question bank can also be imported when creating a quiz from the question bank.


  • copy the content of the package into the /question/format directory under the root of Moodle.
  • log in as administrator and complete the installation
Read the Plugin installation guide for complete steps about installing a new plugin in Moodle.

Please don't report bugs here

If you experience an error with this plugin or would like to request a feature, please use the "Bug Tracker" link below.


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  • Picture of Plugins bot
    Tue, 19 Jun 2018, 7:20 PM
    Approval issue created: CONTRIB-7338
  • Picture of Jérôme DUBRUNQUEZ
    Mon, 27 Aug 2018, 7:27 PM
    Peut-on ajouter un champ supplémentaire afin de modifier le nom de la question !? Ma demande est tout simplement dû à incrémentation des numéros des questions, on se retrouve avec la question 10 avant la question 2 etc ...
    D'avance merci.
  • Picture of Gopal Sharma
    Tue, 28 Aug 2018, 10:04 AM
    Peu importe la question qui vient en premier et celle qui vient en second parce qu'au moment du quiz, toutes les questions sont randomisées, mais je crains que si quelqu'un importe plus de questions dans le même questionnaire, il y aura 2 questions du même nom. question 1 ou question 2 et ainsi de suite, je ferai bientôt une mise à jour pour que cela ajoute le nom de la question et un autre champ de réponse.
    Mon idée était de les garder aussi peu que possible sur le champ pour être efficaces pour l'utilisateur final.
    Merci beaucoup pour la suggestion, j'apprécie vraiment.

    It doesn't matter which question comes first and which comes second because at the time of quiz all question are randomized but my concern is, if someone import more question in the very same Quiz then there will be like 2 question with the same name like question 1 or question 2 and so on, I will make an update soon for this to add the question name and another answer field.
    My idea was to keep them as minimum as possible field yet to be effective for the end user.
    Thank you so much for the suggestion, I really appreciate.
  • Picture of Jérôme DUBRUNQUEZ
    Tue, 28 Aug 2018, 9:21 PM
    Merci pour votre réponse. Cordialement

    Thank's for your answer. Best regards
  • Picture of Lakshadeep Adhav
    Tue, 28 Aug 2018, 11:31 PM
    Very useful plugin! Good work!
  • Picture of may aldaenee
    Tue, 4 Sep 2018, 5:57 PM
    please i put the questions in excel file as you explain and save it as csv file, but it didn't work .. it give me the error when i imported it to moodle
    Parsing questions from import file.
    Upload failed. New Line found in Question 1 . Make sure that entire question with choices and answers are in one line itself.
    Please correct this question and try importing again.
    No Question has been improted.
    × There are no questions in the import file
  • Picture of Gopal Sharma
    Tue, 4 Sep 2018, 6:37 PM
    Following are a few options which you can try out
    1. Are you able to download a sample CSV file? if yes, then replace your question's text and options and answer in the same file itself.
    2. Open your CSV files and see if the structure is same as found in the sample csv file.
    3. Headers and Questions along with options and answer should be on the different line.
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