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Poodll is a toolbox of features for Moodle, including audio and video recording, media players for the classroom and widgets such as tabs and stopwatches. The Poodll filter is a pre-requisite plugin for the Classic Poodll plugins.

Poodll Filter 3.1.29(Build 2020041700)

Release notes

Change List
Version 3.1.29 (Build 2020041700)
-fixed broken whiteboard saving

Version 3.1.28 (Build 2020040500)
-added owner field to stage_remote_process_job for cloud poodll
-added singapore and mumbai regions for cloudpoodll
-fixed cloudpoodlltoken to be callable from template JS
-replaced interactivetranscriptaudio and interactivetranscriptvideo with superinteractiveaudio and superinteractivevideo
-replaced TTS templates with cloud poodll ones for new users

Version 3.1.25 (Build 2019121200)
-fixed lightbox2 template and popover template on classic theme (M3.8)
-fixed broken shimming in Moodle 3.8

Version 3.1.24 (Build 2019112100)
-added presets and changed presets that instantiate on install
-changed default template install count to 40
-fixed bug where bad characters in extensions list blew up Moodle
-Optimisations of cron task

Version 3.1.23(Build 2019110600)
-Added an alert if try to leave page while recorder still uploading
-stubs for new features
-fixed broken countdown timer in Fresh recorder

Version 3.1.22(Build 2019092400)
-Improved InteractiveTranscriptVideo (had not been working on Safari)
-Set default AWS SDK to V2 on Windows servers
-Tweaked cron job processing

Version 3.1.21(Build 2019052000)
-added pushtospeak recorder
-added better speech cards
-added hints for audio encoder
-support Moodle 3.7

Version 3.1.20(Build 2019031902)
-Another stability tweak to support situation where upload/postprocess and page unload overlap

Version 3.1.19 (Build 2019031901)
-improved timer on recorders which seemed to slip at times
-added support for cloudpoodll non-transcode recorders
-fixed bug affecting fast clicking people who submit recordings before S3 is ready

Version 3.1.18 (Build 2019012001)
-Removed old SWF files that were bloating Poodll

Version 3.1.17 (Build 2019012000)
-Added better cron calling
-Added support for fast cloudpoodll loading in poodllloader.html (used by safari's mainly)

Version 3.1.16(Build 2018122000)
-Added a better check for license status on general settings page
-Tweaks to split recorder so that it displays nicely on smallscreens

Version 3.1.15(Build 2018120500)
-Added more options for AWS loading
-Added more information to support info file
-Added a switch to detect a conflict and switch awssdk version when fetching presigned url
-Added a check for dirs in presets folder which could cause a nasty error

Version 3.1.14(Build 2018120300)
-Fixed bug where API username/secret would not be recognised
-Added 'none' option for AWS SDK loading
-Added a check for enrol_arlo which loads Guzzle , which crashes AWS SDK load. Sets to AWS SDK v2 in that case.

Version 3.1.13(Build 2018112500)
-adds support for Poodll API in place of license key

Version 3.1.12(Build 2018110900)
-added support for AWS Ottawa region (ca-central-1)
-added transcoder option to cloud poodll params
-added support for AWS london, frankfurt and saopaulo regions

Version 3.1.11(Build 2018102300)
-Removed old video js interactive transcripts
-Added new interactive transcripts
-Fixed hard coded strings in Once and Fresh recorders
-Added download feature to html5 recorders
-Added subtitle support to Flowplayer First frame, Video JS, Media Element CDN and Native video players.
-Added new version of Flowplayer for Flowplayer First Frame

Version 3.1.10(Build 2018092300)
-Fixed popup recorder template
-Fixed dictation template
-Added warning and upload skins
-bug fix attempt for submissions that do not convert

Version 3.1.09(Build 2018090300)
-fixed a size issue on the fresh recorder that shows up on the clean theme
-Set the once recorder background to white (was transparant)
-Fixed an issue with file extensions field accepting spaces and blowing up Moodle
-Added language strings for media API errors that occur in HTML5 recorders.
-Added support for fetching Cloud Poodll API tokens

Version 3.1.08(Build 2018081600)
-Added a video version of once recorder
-tidied up styles and recorder skins to be less affected by rogue theme css
-removed burntrose recorder from html 5 rec. options and where selected, shift to use bmr
-first official release of Fresh audio recorder skin
-Added some new widget/player templates
-Added compatibility-test.php to AWS v3 to assist with debugging issues
-removed native audio player from plain recorder because it was ugly on chrome these days, also redid uploader skin

Version 3.1.07(Build 2018070502)
-Added a workaround for the case where Catalysts local_aws is installed
-added a 3rdpartylibs.xml

Version 3.1.06 (Build 2018070501)
-Added a once audio recorder option to filter settings

Version 3.1.05 (Build 2018070500)
-Added a once audio recorder preset
-Added a appid/subtitle job params
-tweaked native audio

Version 3.1.04 (Build 2018062300)
-refactored AMD code so skins were better organised
-added a more flexible cloud job register method

Version 3.1.03 (Build 2018060900)
-Removed legacy code that was not needed
-Added scaffolding for ReadAloud and CloudPoodll

Version 3.1.01(Build 2018041001)
-Fixed issue in FFMPEG conversions that was preventing feedback submissions from converting

Version 3.1.0(Build 2018041000)
-Added a number of presets
-Implemented new Moodle Privacy API

Version 3.0.63(Build 2018032301)
-fixed ajax media refresher which did not detect placeholder video size correctly
-fixed wrong sized progress bar on 123 recorder
-fixed shim code which restricted shimmed players and widgets to only one per page
-removed old code from module.js
-removed splash generation code from FFMPEG calls
-fixed bug in ffmpeg convert task when called from /cli/poodllcron.php

Version 3.0.62(Build 2018022101)
-removed doubled up (and old) definition of the placeholder content hash. This was breaking ffmpeg conversions

Version 3.0.61(Build 2018021901)
-Added more presets for speech and text (beta)
-fixed bug with video recording in plain recorder skin

Version 3.0.60(Build 2018020701)
-added presets for Amazon Polly (requires Amazon SWD SDK v3 not shipped with poodll)
-changes to uploader to support poodll cloud
-fixed drawing board js bug where toolbar events did not set canvas 'dirty' flag
-fixed blob concatenation issues in IE and Edge
-added usepoodll event
-added new placeholder audio and video

Version 3.0.58(Build 2017120201)
-fixed broken pause on recording
-added an error dialog
-added one button audio player
-changed URL of Poodll subscriptions page

Version 3.0.57(Build 2017111701)
-Added video to onebutton recorder (still beta)
-Added new device settings to all recorders, enabling users to select audio/video device from within recorder
-added QR code scanner player preset and library

Version 3.0.56(Build 2017110501)
-Added animations for recorders
-Fixed bugs where placeholder could overwrite converted file
-Added support for more than 6 recorders on page (by def. Google Chrome doesn't like this)
-Major code refactor of media stream recorder
-Added completion check to Shadow player
-New One Button Recorder (still in beta)
-New Speech Recognition (still in beta)
-New 'Clear Template' preset for blanking a tempalte

Version 3.0.55(Build 2017100701)
-fixed display and volume button bugs in multi/twice/thriceplayers
-improved display of thrice players
-added ability to update templates in bulk or individually
-improved video transcript preset
-fixed toggle preset
-styled shadow player
-improved iOS support

Version 3.0.54(Build 2017092401)
-support for iOS html5 audio recording
-support for recorders as widgets
-removed unneeded AWS libs to trim size and possible issues
-removed legacy mp3 recorder skins
-tweaks to remove certain calls to file_put_contents in 3rd party libs

Version 3.0.53(Build 2017082601)
-More and better recorder skins
-Support for hints so we can set recorder sizes and skins at diff levels
-Added ability to select html5 recorder skin at course and module level
-Added player template for Paypal Accessible Video Player
-Fixed bug sometimes called calls to support_info

Version 3.0.52(Build 2017081501)
-fixed bug introduced in 3.0.51 where aws notifications would fail

Version 3.0.51(Build 2017081101)
-added rewritten burnt rose recorder skin (need to manually update it from general settings page)
-added nomediaplugin switch to players to prevent double filtering
-removed lots of old code from poodlllogiclib and paoodlldatamanager
-removed blob templates that we do not need anymore

Version 3.0.50(Build 2017080401)
-Added more skins
-added multiplayer and scroller templates
-fixed issue in poodllfilelib and poodlllogiclib
-fixed broken recording timelimit feature

Version 3.0.49(Build 2017071701)
-fixed issue with players that do not "refresh" properly on Firefox
-added recorder skin styles
- added a new once player

Version 3.0.48(Build 2017071001)
-fixed error in whiteboads preventing multiple players on same page from saving properly

Version 3.0.47(Build 2017070401)
-fixed error in support info file from a bad SQL statement

Version 3.0.46(Build 2017070301)
-added download feature to players

Version 3.0.45(Build 2017062501)
-added 4 working AWS regions

Version 3.0.44(Build 2017062301)
-Added AWS regions(not fully implemented)
-Added active user and poodll user counts and media recorderorder to support info
-fixed problem with amd loader for flash recorder

Version 3.0.43(Build 2017061801)
-fixed broken pause recording
-added ability to allow/deny flash recorders on Android device
-added ability to disable zoom on literally canvas
-refactor of some AMD recorder order code

Version 3.0.42(Build 2017052201)
-tweaked logging which was still giving (unnecessary) warning messages
-tweaked placeholder save logic which was not working well with Poodll assignment feedback

Version 3.0.41(Build 2017051601)
-fixed unclosed span tag in burntrose skin
-added refresh ability to cachebuster preset
-better error handling in refreshable player presets
-implemented different recorder_order settings for different media types

Version 3.0.40(Build 2017050701)
-Added cloud notifications, removing need for cron job
-tweaks to presets to restore alternate content settings that got lost in 3.0.35
-updated install defaults to set handler for youtube and other file extensions

Version 3.0.39(Build 2017041704)
-Added media refresh ability for FFMPEG conversions too
-Added filename of converted file to FFMPEG log report

Version 3.0.38(Build 2017041703)
-further attempted fix for recursive getUserMedia call problemo
-refactor of player skin code
-removal of Own carousel

Version 3.0.37(Build 2017041702)
-attempted fix for recursive getUserMedia call problemo

Version 3.0.35(Build 2017041700)
-fixed an issue where Chrome failed to get webcam because js stack maxed on getUserMedia call

Version 3.0.35(Build 2017041700)
-fixed up skinning in prep for really improving recorders
-added support for refeshing players in realtime when conversion process completes
-some minor bug fixes for logging

Version 3.0.34(Build 2017032602)
-Beefed up protection against any XSS attempt via the Poodll filter string inputs
-Added support for pulling Generico presets from theme directory

Version 3.0.33(Build 2017032601)
- reworked the html5 recording to be more reliable and better on firefox

Version 3.0.32(Build 2017032405)
-fixed a bug that truncated html5 audio recordings and ignored < 4s ones

Version 3.0.31(Build 2017031901)
-Fixed erroneous error message from error log on s3 move complete
-Added support for MS Edge audio recording via HTML5

Version 3.0.30(Build 2017030401)
-Fixed erroneous error message from adhoc convert task
-Fixed problem saving whiteboard vector data inside quiz question answers
-Fixed issue with large base64 audio data being attached to form submissions needlesly
-Fixed issue with mobile ios app on TinyMCE Poodll anywhere (insert button not enabling)

Version 3.0.28(2017020401)
-fixed iOS and Android version detection bug
-fixed snapshot recorder default to upload on iOS

Version 3.0.27(2017013001)
-added browser agent to debug logs

Version 3.0.26(2017013000)
-added better checking for failed uploads and failed transcode calls
-added debug logging and related setting
-added log for registering adhoc tasks and completion of adhoc task
-add diagnostic messages for red5 server settings

Version 3.0.25(Build 2017010702)
-added a few more diagnostic messages

Version 3.0.24(Build 2017010702)
-added a log output to show error message when retrying an S3 copy back

Version 3.0.23(Build 2017010701)
-fixed bug where proxy requests to elastic transcoder did not go through proxy

Version 3.0.22(Build 2017010401)
-added support for proxy servers (Red5)

Version 3.0.21(Build 2016112803)
-added support for proxy servers(amazon S3)
-added Video JS Subtitle player template
-added Native Video Subtitle player template
-added Video JS audio player template
-added Video JS audio transcript player template

Version 3.0.20(Build 2016112802)
-fixed problem with audiojs template which would error if id not found
-fixed problem with undefined template being added when html and js not synced

Version 3.0.19(Build 2016112801)
-added a warning message if the recorder has not captured data
-fixed a style problem if using burntrose theme

Version 3.0.18(Build 2016111901)
-fixed a bug on webservice detection for mobile/alternate content
-tweaks to CSS so it dosplays ok on Moodle 3.2 with standard theme
-improved the once player js tmplate
-added source of amd libraries so that can debug with cachejs off
-removed duplicates in presets directory

Version 3.0.17(Build 2016111203)
-added tinyvideojsplayer

Version 3.0.16(Build 2016111202)
-fixed alternate field bug, media files wouldn't play

Version 3.0.15(Build 2016111201)
-added alternate content fields for falling back to on non css/js env. (ala mobile app)
-convert datavars to integers if they are numeric before passing to SQL

Version 3.0.14(Build 2016110601)
-added a once player js
-added HTML5 recorder skin (burntrose)
-added filter active and sort order fields to support info

Version 3.0.13(Build 2016081414)
-added ability to convert on Amazon even when using Red5
-added a special pre signed url for the iOS app

Version 3.0.12(Build 2016081413)
-fixed a bug in the presigned url we pass to mobile
-fixed a bug in the once player template that caused strange page jumps to oneplayer only pages
-fixed a bug that caused a form submit in the elton player template
-fixed a bug that broke FFMPEG conversions from red5/ recordings
-numerous tweaks to template presets
-added audioquality setting to mobile settings

Version 3.0.11(Build 2016081412)
- updated youtube lightbox
- added diagnostics page to settings
- fixed broken drawingboard.js
- tweaked some presets
- fixed bug in mp3recorder(flash) which killed recording on IE with latest flash

Version 3.0.10(Build 2016081411)
- Added the correct CSS to fetch progress image
- Fixed problem affecting mp4/mp3 checkbox on red5 recorders
- Fixed problem where Youtube parsing was broken
- Fixed problem where no-cloud on m3 recorder could break html5 audio recorder
- Added support for multiple html5 recorders on one page
- Added support for multiple flashmp3 recorders on one page
- Added support for multiple upload recorders on one page
- Added support for multiple snapshot recorders on one page
- Added support for multiple mobile recorders on one page
- Added VideoJS Player template

Version 3.0.9(Build 2016081410)
- Added a no cloud checkbox to the MP3 recorder settings on PoodLL General Settings page. If checked, mp3 files will get uploaded direct to moodle and bypass cloud
- Added licence information (expire time etc) beneath registration code
- Added a settings page for upcoming iOS app
- Added a few new templates from default

Version 3.0.8(Build 2016081409)
- improved handling of uploads which led to failed uploads occasionally
-fixed bug that occurred on new installs from version 3.0.7

Version 3.0.7(Build 2016081408)
-tweaks to how presets and templates display on settings pages
-removed ability to save more than once during a recording. User needs to reload page. Not ideal but currently the second recording will likely not be saved properly after fetching from cloud
-removed unused adhoc_s3_transcode task
-altered size of Flash audio recorders a little

Version 3.0.6(Build 2016081407)
-Fixed bug that could prevent files from finishing the conversion/copyback sequence

Version 3.0.5(Build 2016081406)
-Fixed bug stopping whiteboards upload

Version 3.0.4(Build 2016081405)
-fixed a bad bug which stopped non video filter strings being parsed

Version 3.0.3(Build 2016081404)
-removed a problem where non text links were filtered and replaced with players
this would almost never be the desired situation
-fix for failed uploads when not using cloud recording
-added snapshot recorder (HTML5)
-fixed html5 audio and video to show recording time

Version 3.0.2(Build 2016081403)
-added option to specify player to use in url of media file &player=xxx type appendages to media url
-removed option to use AWS SDK v3 to reduce download size
-removed libraries from js and 3rdparty mediaelement folders
-fixed a bug in submitting audio/video in assignment submission and quizzes. The save button was sometimes submitting the form.
-fixed bug where literally canvas height was not set properly

Version 3.0.1(Build 2016081402)
-fixed issue with browsers caching placeholder audio/video and not using transcoded media

Version 3.0.0(Build 2016081401)
-tweaks to support callbackjs for recorders
-preset improvements
-support for ad hoc shimming in templates
-support auto iframe resizing

Version 2.8.7(Build 2016071605)
-Added AWS SDK for PHP version 2.3 (for older php versions)
-Tweaked ad-hoc task for moving from s3
-fixed installation zip file which would not pass verification on install
-added support for @@URLPARAM:xx@@ variables in PoodLL filter templates
-altered default templates for audiojs and others

Version 2.8.6(Build 2016071604)
First release of PoodLL 3
-html5 recorders
-template based filter system

Version 2015121106
Fixed a bug that caused the whiteboard and recorders to fail to submit their media, when jquery was not present.

Version 2015121105
Fixed a bug that caused widgets(once player etc) to never evaluate registration properly, and fail to load with a registration error.
Removed erroneous message from settings that talked about a literally canvas issue that no longer exists
Made the default whiteboard literally canvas again

Version 2015121104
Fixed a bug preventing LiterallyCanvas from saving images properly in questions
Fixed bug that prevented mobile devices being detected properly

Version 2015121103
Fixed bug that affected repository and atto file inserts

Version 2015121102
Removed drawingbpard.js files that were breaking require.js

Version 2015121101
Lots of refacoring and support for Moodle 3.0

Moodle 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8

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3.1.29(Build 2020041700)
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Moodle 3.1, Moodle 3.2, Moodle 3.3, Moodle 3.4, Moodle 3.5, Moodle 3.6, Moodle 3.7, Moodle 3.8

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