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The PoodLL filter enables audio and video recording in Moodle, and allows you to put widgets such as stopwatches and whiteboards into HTML areas. It is a pre-requisite plugin for the PoodLL Repository, PoodLL Database Activity Field, Poodll Assignment plugins, Poodll Recording Question type and PoodLL Atto/TinyMCE plugins.
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Using the PoodLL filter you can add a variety of widgets to your courses. These include a stopwatch, dice, countdown timer, flashcards, and a whiteboard. You can do this by hand crafting PoodLL filter strings, or by using the PoodLL Atto or TinyMCE plugins. More information on PoodLL is available at .

The other PoodLL mods, PoodLL Assignment Submission type, PoodLL Assignment Feedback type,  PoodLL Recording Question Type, the PoodLL Repository, PoodLL for Atto, PoodLL for TinyMCE and the PoodLL database field all require the PoodLL filter.

NB PoodLL requires an annual subscription fee, though a free 30 day trial is available. 

A registration key can be obtained at :

Before installing, be sure to ready the "Getting Started" guide.


This plugin is part of set PoodLL.


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  • Picture of Eduardo Hm
    Thu, 2 Nov 2017, 5:15 PM
    Good Morning

    On the Moodle platforms that I manage, I have installed and configured the modules related to POODLL for more than a year. Since last October 31, I have problems when inserting a video using POODLL, either in a task or in a description of an activity. I have activated the debug mode of one of the platforms I work on, and this is the error stack when inserting a video:

    Notice: cURL request for "" failed, HTTP response code: HTTP / 1.1 500 Internal Server Error
    line 1354 of /lib/filelib.php: call to debugging ()
    line 1369 of /lib/filestorage/file_storage.php: call to download_file_content ()
    line 1003 of /filter/poodll/poodllfilelib.php: call to file_storage-> create_file_from_url ()
    line 3672 of /filter/poodll/classes/poodlltools.php: call to instance_remotedownload ()
    line 3397 of /filter/poodll/classes/poodlltools.php: call to filter_poodll \ poodlltools :: fetchVideoSplash ()
    line 2553 of /filter/poodll/classes/poodlltools.php: call to filter_poodll \ poodlltools :: fetchFlowPlayerCode ()
    line 565 of /filter/poodll/filter.php: call to filter_poodll \ poodlltools :: fetchSimpleVideoPlayer ()
    line? of unknownfile: call to in /var/www2/medusa/eforma/campus/lib/weblib.php on line 3111
    Unknown exception related to local files (Can not fetch file form URL)

    From what you can see, there are problems with the Tokyo server that Poodll uses to convert and insert the videos. Does something happen with this server? How can I fix the problem? Many users use this tool daily, so I have many users who do not know what to do.

    The version of moodle that we are in is version 3.1.1. And I use the Poodll 2 modules, the free version.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Picture of Justin Hunt
    Sat, 4 Nov 2017, 5:48 PM
    Hi Eduardo, I checked the server and its recording ok and accessible via the ports and URL that you are using. The reported error is to do with the snapshot feature where we automatically generate a poster image for the video from the first frame of the video. There is a setting in the Poodll filter settings to turn that off. Please try that and see if it helps.

    Poodll2 and video recording via Red5 are not technologies that will work forever. Please look at Poodll3 which supports HTML5 recording when you have a chance.
  • Picture of Henrik sune Pedersen
    Mon, 19 Feb 2018, 9:40 PM
    Hi Moodle

    We suddently after updating to Moodle 3.3.3+ (Build: 20171201) get this error - ReferenceError: ip is not defined, in the Create media file window.
    We click the camera to create media, then we allow the use of integrated camera, and microfone, then press record, and then the error appears.

    I have been over all the settings, but none seems to be altered, so it should be standard settings.
  • Picture of Justin Hunt
    Mon, 19 Feb 2018, 10:00 PM
    Hi Henrik. Its a bug with the video recorder for the plain recorder skin and we just released a fix a few hours ago here on Once that shows up in your Moodle updates, please download it. In the meantime, or even just for a better looking recorder, if you use the OneTwoThree recorder instead of the plain recorder, you won't have this problem. You can change that setting in the Poodll filter general settings page
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  • Picture of tun tun
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  • Picture of Lexen Luis
    Fri, 6 Apr 2018, 8:31 PM
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  • Picture of fred causa
    Sun, 8 Apr 2018, 3:03 AM
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  • Picture of Polaris Lee
    Mon, 2 Jul 2018, 11:50 AM
    I installed this and insert poodll2 register code at moodle3.5
    But It didn't work.
    How can I use poodll2?
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