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The Moodle plugin "mod_unilabel" enables you to include some nice formated text on the course- or frontpage. There are 5 different content types included (extendable sub plugins): - Simple text - Carousel - Collapsed text - Course teaser - Topic teaser

Unilabel 3.6.3

Release notes

Release notes

Version 2019020900

  • respecting the new class "core_course_list_element"
  • add setting options to activate or deactivate content types
  • add setting options for carousel types to choose different carousel buttons
  • add a litle javascript to ensure the start of the carousel

Version 2019020901

  • fix typo which stopped working the carousel buttons

Version 2019030700

  • Add option to define the columns for grid representation in course and topic teaser
  • Change behaviour. If the unilabel shows a topic teaser of its own course it will ignore the topic it is in it by its self.
  • Clean the code to respect the moodle code guidelines

Version 2019030701

  • no features but optimized code

Version 2019030702

  • missing field "column" in backup for course and topic teaser
  • optimize phpdoc comments

Version 2019030703

  • add capability check while defining course and topic teaser

Version 2019050900

  • set default capability mod/unilabel:edit for managers to allow
  • add new option to define the carousel interval for course and topic teaser per instance
  • fix small typos
Moodle 3.5, 3.6, 3.7

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3.5, 3.5, 3.5, 3.5, 3.5, 3.6 (2018121700), 3.6 (2018121701), 3.6 (2019020900), 3.6 (2019020901), 3.6.3 (2019030700), 3.6.3 (2019030702), 3.6.3 (2019030703)
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Moodle 3.5, Moodle 3.6, Moodle 3.7
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  • This is the latest release for Moodle 3.7

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