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A simplified approach to a lesson module. Allows multiple pages, addition of questions by picking from the question bank, simplified reporting for teachers and students and implements GDPR requirements. Designed for Moodle 3.5.

Simple lesson v1.28

Release notes

This version 1.8
Added allow incomplete option. Teacher can specify that navigation is hidden until the question has been attempted.

This is modified from Moodle HQ's moodle-mod_newmodule and Justin Hunt's Pairwork activity module for Moodle.

Brief description
This is hopefully a good basis for a simple lesson module that has basic features as follows:

1. Supports adding basic question types from the question bank
2. Consists of multimedia pages with simple hyperlinked navigation
3. Summary lesson attempt reports for students and teacher's
4. Grades to gradebook, essay questions require manual grading
5. Implements GDPR privacy requests for reporting and deletion of user data
6. Designed for Moodle 3.5

For more complex needs (timing, access restrictions, use the Lesson activity module)
For summative activities and a wider range of question types use the quiz or lesson.

Richard Jones
June 2018
Moodle 3.4, 3.5

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Moodle 3.4, Moodle 3.5

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