Filters: JW Player multimedia filter

Maintained by Picture of Ruslan KabalinRuslan Kabalin, Picture of Tony ButlerTony Butler
Moodle filter that allows using JW Player for playing HTML5 and flash content, including RTMP/HLS/DASH steams.

JW Player multimedia filter 7-0.7+32 for Moodle 3.2+, JW7 CDN 7.10.1)

Release notes

If you are using Moodle 3.2 or above, please install JW Player Media Plugin instead of this ported version of filter that has been designed as temporary solution while media plugin was in development .

This release contains some bugs fixes and CDN version upgrade.

List of changes:

  • Fixes compatibility problems with Moodle 3.2.2 (#67, @xow)

Effectively, this is release 7-0.7 that has been ported for Moodle 3.2.

JW Player CDN version (cloud-hosted mode): 7.10.1

Plugin works with Moodle versions: 3.2.

Notice, this plugin version does not work with Moodle 3.1 and earlier, use version 7-0.7 instead.

Moodle 3.2

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