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PlagiarismSearch has been operating since 2008 as an in-demand solution even for the most exacting clients who seek multilayered check in numerous languages, utmost confidentiality of services, and continuous updates in functionality. Universities and content companies around the globe can make use of the customized services of plagiarism detection provided at the maximum level of professionalism. A free 30-day trial with 100 submissions is a great chance to test the service with no further commitments. Still, most of the clients pay for a full plagiarism search package after the trial month is over.
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A moodle plagiarism checker PlagiarismSearch has operated since 2008 as an effective and reliable solution for educators and content companies. The company offers economically advantaged services tailored to specific needs of the customers. It takes a few minutes to get registered at and set-up the customer’s account. Still, it is also possible to contact the customer support team on live chat and get the needed help to start using the tool. One of the benefits of the plugin is that it ensures utmost integration with the workshops, forum, and assignments in Moodle to get all the content checked for issues with plagiarism.

NB: You can use this moodle plagiarism checker after you have paid for a subscription from PlagiarismSearch.

What does advanced plagiarism checker PlagiarismSearch offer to its customers?

Outstanding Customer Experience

It is easy to start using the plugin

We offer a month of free trial with 100 submissions so that the users could get to know about all the benefits of the service.

Here is the procedure you have to take to start:

Our custom manager can give you the guidance you need and discuss how you can make the best use of PlagiarismSearch.

How to install PlagiarismSearch plugin quickly

Multiple formats of text files

PlagiarismSearch supports doc, docx, txt, RTF, PDF, xls, xlsx, html, epub, xml, odt, org.

Preserving original formatting

PlagiarismSearch makes sure that all the citations, graphs, images, figures, tables, and other visual elements of the files are retained.

Detected similarity sources

After a multi-layer plagiarism check, a report shows a list of all duplications with the indicated sources. The user can see spotted similarities on the mentioned sources to be able to check on the validity of a plagiarism issue.

Comprehensible plagiarism reports

PlagiarismSearch is a moodle plagiarism checker that highlights all sentences and passages that need either paraphrasing or proper referencing. It is easy to see unoriginal parts and interpret the problem.

Downloadable plagiarism reports

It is possible to check on the plagiarism detection results online, but it is more convenient to download them in .pdf format for further use. Clicking on the icon “Download Report,” a client gets a report with all the cases of matching with all the detected links to the used resources. It is convenient to have a .pdf report as a proof of student’s misconduct and provide specific instructions and feedback on a particular paper.

Plagiarism check in a wide range of languages

Does moodle check for plagiarism in numerous languages? PlagiarismSearch supports English, German, Spanish, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Dutch, Italian, and others. Overall, it works with more than 150 languages, including those with the right-to-left scripts.

Excellent technical support

PlagiarismSearch ensures qualified technical support 24/7. We will address all the concerns you might have.

Personal client manager

We offer personalized assistance to the institutions with subscriptions to PlagiarismSearch so that they could receive immediate assistance and straightforward guidance.

Customized software development

Let us know about your individual requirements regarding the functionality your particular institution might need, and we will discuss how you can get the required features.

First-rate Multi-Layer Plagiarism Check

Checking against current web sources and databases

Our moodle plagiarism checker scans submitted texts both against the current web resources and the databases of the account. The customer can make use of either of the options or both of them. The database comprises all the papers submitted by the students and instructors to make comparison of the originality rate in the files much more effective.

Prompt checking

It generally takes a few moments to get the paper checked. The time needed for thorough plagiarism detection depends on the number of pages in the submitted paper. In some cases, the analysis may take up to a few minutes as we make sure that the text is checked thoroughly and the results of searching for unoriginality are precise.

High-quality text analysis

The PlagiarismSearch Moodle plugin automatically detects citations in the papers. It recognizes the referenced sources in any of the academic styles; so, the overall plagiarism rate is not affected with them. It is possible to make use of the option that excludes citations and references manually from the customer’s account.

Relevance of the check results

PlagiarismSearch does not include any outdated sources in the list of plagiarism detection results. The users get reports only with actual similarities.

Transparent and Honest Policy

Trials for Free

PlagiarismSearch is a moodle plagiarism checker that allows educators to purchase a service package after they have tried it free of charge. A month with 100 free submissions is the time sufficient to evaluate the efficiency of the tool and decide on its further use.

No disclosure

We neither store nor share any of the files our clients submit for checking. We guarantee that there is no unauthorized access to any of the customers’ data.

Updates in the functionality with no extra charge

All corporate clients get access to the latest upgrades in the features of PlagiarismSearch by default.

Learn more via visiting our web-site or contacting us at


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  • Thu, Sep 14, 2017, 4:40 PM
    Approval issue created: CONTRIB-7045
  • Mon, Dec 21, 2020, 10:11 PM
    Counterfeiting can be characterized from various perspectives, yet however you decide to characterize it, you will in any case concoct something very similar relying upon the setting wherein you are in.
  • Thu, Sep 16, 2021, 10:20 PM

    Hi, this plugin is really nice.
    Can you tell me what is the difference of manual checking (YES or NO) compared to automatic checking (YES or NO), isn't it the same thing?
  • Mon, Sep 12, 2022, 8:01 PM
    We are sorry for a delay in answering your question, Bruno
    The option “Autocheck” allows automatic check of a document right after it is uploaded by a student.
    The option “Manual Checking” allows a student to upload a document and submit it for plagiarism check after pressing “Check Your Text” button.
    You may check the detailed explanation of the plugin options in our integration guide.
  • Fri, Mar 17, 2023, 10:36 PM
    Hi thanks for this plugin, it seems to work OK for automatically sending submissions to PlagiarismSearch but the Moodle LMS is not getting any % of similarity or report returned.
  • Mon, Mar 20, 2023, 6:41 PM
    Dear James, we recommend you check whether the plugin has been installed correctly and completely.
    Also, please check if your callback_url is open and accessible (it should look like
    If this does not help, please contact the support team at or email
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