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Wooclap activity plugin for Moodle
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Wooclap (www.wooclap.com) is a classroom response system with which teachers can transform smartphones from a nuisance into a learning tool, give every student a voice, and gauge their understanding of material in real-time.


Wooclap’s Moodle plugin allows teachers to access its many interactive features from within a Moodle course. It enables users to:

  • create a Wooclap activity;
  • base a Wooclap activity on an existing quiz from a Moodle course;
  • easily access and edit a Wooclap quiz through Moodle;
  • authenticate students through Moodle without providing their password to Wooclap;
  • track reports from Wooclap to Moodle.

When a teacher wants to create a Wooclap activity in a course, they must fill in a name and a description. They can also select an existing Wooclap quiz (optional).

Installing the plugin

This plugin requires an authentication key provided by Wooclap.


Potential privacy issues

User answers and attempts are stored by this module. They can be cleaned by admins, either using Moodle's privacy features or by administrators and teachers via the Attempts Management console.


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Jonathan Alzetta (Lead maintainer): Maintainer
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