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Add a WIMS class as an activity.
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This plugin allows one to insert WIMS classes in Moodle courses.

It requires a WIMS server to have been setup and correctly configured.

How works the plugin:

You must know that the WIMS classroom is created and maintained from the Moodle server. If you log in Moodle as teacher, then you will have teacher permisions in the WIMS classroom. In the same way, if you are student in Moodle, you will connect in the WIMS classroom as student.

Add an activity and choose WIMS Course. Then choose the value for the Activity Name and this will be the name of the new classroom created in WIMS.

If you create an exam in your WIMS classroom, the marks will be imported automaticaly by the Moodle server.

If you want also the sheets marks to be exported, you have to select the specific sheets in the activity parameters in Moodle.

All marks (exams + selected sheets) will automatically be imported in Moodle every nights.

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Olivier Bado-Faustin (Lead maintainer)
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