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Poodll Solo is automatically graded speaking assignment. Students speak about topic. At the end students can see detailed information on their speaking clarity, sentences, words, grammar and spelling.
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Poodll Solo is an automatically graded open speaking activity for language students.



The Speaking Topic

The teacher prepares a speaking topic for the activity in the activity settings. A speaking topic should give the students something to talk about, set a target speaking time, target word count and some target keywords. The teacher can specify additional resources such as images, and videos as part of the speaking topic.

Auto grading

Poodll Solo by default will apply a formula based on speaking clarity , word count, grammar accuracy and target words to build a score for the students performance. This formula can be configured in the activity's grading settings. It will also make suggestions to improve the student's grammar.

The Activity Steps

The Solo activity steps are:

  • Prepare to speak
  • Speak
  • Transcribe / Type [optional]
  • Review a model answer [optional]
  • Review results 

The transcribe step is optional and can also be moved before the Speak step , so that students can practice reading off a script they prepare.

Step: Prepare

Preparing to speak

Step: Speak

Automatic Evaluation

Try Poodll Solo on the Poodll Demo Site

Click here to try a Poodll Solo activity. [Opens in a new window]

Getting Started with Poodll Solo

Poodll Solo requires a Poodll API username and secret. These are available with a free trial or a paid subscription. To get your API username and secret:

  1. Visit: https://poodll.com/try-poodll
  2. Follow the steps to take a free trial
  3. Register your Moodle site URL and collect your API user and secret

 Then install Poodll Solo. You can enter your API user and secret on the plugin settings page.

Read more about installing and using Poodll Solo here.


More Information

About Poodll

Poodll has been making plugins for Moodle since 2011. Our software has helped teachers build and deliver language courses in thousands of Moodle websites worldwide. Search for "Poodll" in the Moodle plugins directory to see a list containing more than 25 of our plugins. Poodll is based in Nagasaki, Japan.



This plugin is part of set PoodLL.


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Justin Hunt (Lead maintainer)
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    Approval issue created: CONTRIB-8365
  • Sun, Jun 13, 2021, 9:49 AM
    this plugin is great but it needs users to buy poodll member code which costs 700 dollars
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