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Integration of the iLinc Collaboration suite for Virtual Classrooms, Webinars and Webmeetings into Moodle.
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netucate’s add-on  provides a seamless integration of the iLinc Collaboration Suite, a synchronous web conferencing tool, with the respective event types of:

  • LearnLinc (for virtual classrooms)
  • MeetingLinc (for web meetings or smaller learning groups)
  • ConferenceLinc (for large audiences)
  • SupportLinc (for  1:1 Support)

Most prominent use from Moodle is LearnLinc, the Virtual Classroom, with many features beyond classical webconferencing systems A  Moodle user will be able to manage, create and/or join such activities in a single sign-on mode directly from Moodle and need not to enter user credentials when entering the netucate activity.

The implementation follows the Moodle philosophy and logic. One or more netucate activities can be created as part of a Moodle course. Typically Course Creators or Teachers are authorized for creation and management of the netucate activities. All of the above four event types are created first as a netucate activity in a Moodle course and then specified into the respective iLinc event type. The software for all iLinc event types is the same, but the configuration templates and the discussion styles are different, adapting it to the specific tasks. All usual scheduling options are available as always open, recurring our scheduled activities. All users of a Moodle Course or a netucate activity in Moodle are automatically authorized to join the respective event.

Table : Discussion styles an available roles for iLinc event types and its correlatives in Moodle:








Meeting Leader


Room Technician

Non-Editing Teacher










Discussion Style in iLinc



Panel discussion ***


* Instructor “controls” the event and attendees will receive from him the rights to speak and to use the various media.

** Peer-to-Peer everyone can “grab” the control of the event, speak and use media.

*** The panel group can speak and control media. The large audience listens and has chat as feedback channel.

The necessary media resources like PowerPoint, synchronous Webbrowser, Whiteboard, Sharing in various flavours, audio- and videocast can be used or uploaded by the authorized roles to an event in single sign-on mode. Break-Out rooms, recording, test and surveys are available. The detailed functionality of every iLinc event can be further configured to tailor it to specific needs or adapting it to compliance policies. Integrated Multiperson Videoconferencing and Voice over IP, handraising, Feedback and many other interaction features are available.  

Requirements Hardware/Operating Systems
PC with 1,5 GHz or better, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2000, 2003, NT, Mac OS (Leopard&Snowleopard), Headset, Webcam (Optional)

How to get a demo or a test account?
Mail or call.

Mail to or call +49-6172-452600 (ask for Uli Schweizer).

Geographical availability:
Europe. Other countries pls call or mail.

netucate systems GmbH
Hugenottenstr. 123 b
D-61381 Friedrichsdorf/Taunus
Fon: +49-6172-4352600
Fax: +49-6172-43256099


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