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Poodll MiniLesson combines several language learning activities into a simple, self-guided online lesson. It is designed to be a simple, interactive lesson for students, and easy for teachers to create and deliver.
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A MiniLesson activity is comprised of a sequence of lesson items. Teachers create lesson items and add them to the lesson from the lesson items tab of a mini lesson. You can try a lesson here. Poodll MiniLesson is part of the Poodll Languages set of plugins and requires a paid subscription.



There are six lesson item types:

  • Multi Choice
  • Content Page
  • Dictation
  • Dictation Chat
  • Speech Cards
  • Listen and Speak
Content Page

The content page is the most basic of the lesson items. The author can add content in the form of text , video, audio, image or iframe content blocks. The content page is the only lesson item that has no student response and is not graded.

The other lesson items also each allow the author to add content in a similar way, but also include a question or drill activity of some type.

Multi Choice

The multi choice lesson item provides a single multi choice question.


The dictation item displays a list of text boxes and audio players. Students listen to the audio and type what they hear.

Dictation Chat

Dictation chat shows a series of dictation items, one at a time in a chat like interface. Each word to be entered is shown in a different text box and shown as correct/incorrect.

Speech Cards

Speech cards show a series of audio response items in flashcard type interface. A 3 star rating is given to the students response.

Listen and Speak

Listen and speak shows a series of audio response items, one at a time in a chat like interface. Each word to be spoken is shown in a different text box and shown as correct/incorrect.

Item Creation
The items in the activity can be created, edited and moved the the item content page.

Try Poodll MiniLesson now on our demo site

Click here to try Poodll MiniLesson now.

Getting Started with Poodll MiniLesson

Poodll MiniLesson requires a Poodll API username and secret. These are available with a free trial or a paid subscription. To get your API username and secret:

  1. Visit:
  2. Follow the instructions to set up your account and free trial subscription
  3. Register your site URL and collect your API user and secret

Then you can install Poodll MiniLesson as usual from the Moodle plugins directory. After installation you will be asked for your API user and secret. Please see the Poodll MiniLesson support documentation for more information on installing and using Cloud Poodll MiniLesson.

About Poodll

Poodll has been making plugins for Moodle since 2011. Our software has helped teachers build and deliver language courses in thousands of Moodle websites worldwide. Search for "Poodll" in the Moodle Plugins directory to see a list containing more than 25 of our plugins. Poodll is based in Nagasaki, Japan.



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Justin Hunt (Lead maintainer)
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    Fri, Sep 3, 2021, 9:17 PM
    This plugin is not free. 😡
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    Fri, Sep 3, 2021, 10:05 PM
    Hi lingua lovers,
    No, it is not free. But it's pretty cool. Please try it.
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