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Encourage discussions with pinpointed video comments, add in-video questions or highlight important sections visually. Social Video Learning made easy with the Interactive Video Suite!
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What is the IVS?

With the Interactive Video Suite (IVS) you can transform videos in Moodle into a lively exchange format between teachers and students. Whether dialogue-oriented in the form of video comments or test-oriented with single-choice tests: Take advantage of the diverse possibilities of video-based interaction in the context of lectures, seminars or practical exercises.

What is Social Video Learning?

The core of Social Video Learning are time-marker specific comments in videos. Relevant or unclear aspects can be identified and discussed directly at the points where they occur. Video comments and further functions such as in-video-questions or highlighting tools  promote student interaction, attention and transfer thinking. It boosts the motivation of students and supports the successful acquisition of knowledge and skills in the long term.

Selection of Features:

  • Time-marker specific video comments: Comments and re-comments make it possible to ask questions, lead discussions and contribute ideas directly in the video. Colored icons in the playbar highlight the timing of the comments.
  • Audio messages as video comments: Record and send time-marker-specific audio messages! 
  • Authoring toolsAdd markers, text notes, zoom, pauses, slow motion, and fast motion to your video. Use these to draw learners’ attention to important aspects and encourage discussion in the video.

Video text comments and a highlighted area within the IVS Social Video Player.

  • In-video questions: Use single-choice tests and open questions to test learners’ prior knowledge and understanding directly in the video. When the question appears, the video stops; learners cannot continue until the question is answered (correctly).
  • Interactive hotspots: Complement single-choice and open questions with interactive hotspots in your videos. To answer a question correctly, learners must click a special area on the screen before the video continues.

Showcase of the function Single-Choice-Question within the IVS Social Video Player.

  • Video Feedback: Reference different video sequences from the video that play depending on the answer to a question. This not only tells learners if an answer is right or wrong, but also gives them a hint for the correct answer.
  • Share a comment link which will be rendered as a Interactive Video Suite activity. Use Moodle filter plugin to enhance the Interactive Video Suite Activity:
  • Compatibility: Supports the integration of OpenCast and Panopto videos

Please note: It requires an IVS license to use the plugin within an organization.
You can also try the Interactive Video Suite for free with a free demo license here.


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  • Thu, 16 Jul 2020, 7:30 PM
    Approval issue created: CONTRIB-8173
  • Thu, 10 Mar 2022, 6:20 PM
    is it possible to stream youtube videos through this and add question in the video?
  • Fri, 18 Mar 2022, 9:26 PM
    Hello Kartik Pandit, thank you for your inquiry. The YouTube video source is expected to be available soon for use with IVS. It will then be possible to make annotations (including the drawing tools) and to create in-video-questions.
  • Fri, 6 May 2022, 12:21 AM
    Can you stream Vimeo videos?
  • Mon, 9 May 2022, 3:15 PM
    Hi Lingua Lovers, thank you for your request. We are working on enabling more video sources. Vimeo will also be available soon. Thank you for your understanding.
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