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The grouptool module (mod/grouptool) enhances the functionality of Moodle default groups. Two of the additional features are the possibility for students to enrol themselves in groups with waiting lists, and the transfer of grades within groups.

Grouptool v2.9

Moodle 2.9
Released: Wednesday, March 2, 2016, 2:02 AM

// This file is part of mod_grouptool for Moodle -


// It is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify

// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by

// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or

// (at your option) any later version.


// It is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,

// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of


// GNU General Public License for more details.


// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License

// along with Moodle.  If not, see <>;.


 * README.txt

 * @version       2.9 (Build 2015-12-20-00)

 * @package       mod_grouptool

 * @author        Andreas Hruska (

 * @author        Katarzyna Potocka (

 * @author        Philipp Hager

 * @copyright     2015 Academic Moodle Cooperation {@link}

 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later


# ---------------------------------------------------------------

# FOR Moodle 2.9+

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    The Grouptool Module enhances the standard Moodle-Group-Functionality

    Main features are:

    *) Group creation from different user-roles

        - 1-Person-Groups

        - Groups with defined amount of members/groups

        - Group-Name-Patterns: consisting of [lastname], [firstame], [idnumber],

          [username], numerical index, alphabetical index and plain text

    *) Creation of a grouping for each group

    *) User self-registration

        - define active coursegroups and order per instance

        - queue system with max queue-places setting

        - max groupmembers for all or individual per group

        - multi-group registration (min/max groups to choose)

    *) Group grading - copy grade from one student to whole group

        - automatically for all/certain groups

        - for 1 group

        - choose which students grade to copy



    Moodle 2.8



   The zip-archive includes the same directory hierarchy as moodle

   So you only have to copy the files to the correspondent place.

   copy the folder --> moodle/mod/grouptool

   The langfiles normaly can be left into the folder mod/grouptool/lang.

   All languages should be encoded with utf8.

    After it you have to run the admin-page of moodle

    http://your-moodle-site/admin) in your browser.

    You have to logged in as admin before.

    The installation process will be displayed on the screen.

    That's all.



v 2016012000


*) improve alignment of texts on registration page

*) hide ID-Number for students in show members popup

*) remove include deleted users option in import

*) improve text describing non individual group sizes

*) exchange place of group and rank for queues in userlist xlsx and ods export

*) move download links to an easier distinguish position in overview

*) align 'no registrations' and 'no queues' messages in XLSX and ODS left

*) fix link's URLs if grouptool is called via g parameter in view.php

*) improve design of self registration tab

*) removed a language string never used anywhere

*) enhance show members setting with finer options (all, all after due, own after due, own after reg, none)

v 2015120200


*) Update module for compatibility with Moodle 2.9

*) Rewrite JS to AMD and replace YUI with JQuery where safely possible

*) Add some missing lang strings

*) Fix bug where deadline calendar events being duplicated instead of updated for each instance edit

*) Remove group mode setting and support for groups/groupings, we used it just for the access restrictions in the past

   but they can (and should) now be realised via conditional access settings (have to be enabled for the Moodle instance first).

*) Fixed some smaller bugs and improve coding style and documentation

v 2015071503


*) Replace Studierende with Teilnehmer/innen and Lehrende with Trainer/innen in GER language file

v 2015071502


*) Improve coding/css/js style and docs

*) Cohort dropdown in group creation won't be shown if not necessary

*) Fix certain users only shown as registered in moodle group not in grouptool

v 2015071501


*) Small UI/UX improvements

*) Removed obsolete code

*) Use autoloading

v 2015071500


*) Improve functionality create groups tab

*) Properly deprecate strings

*) Improve layout of groups table in administration

   -) show full group names

   -) Improve/add functionality (bulk actions, single group actions)

*) Impove layout of checkboxcontroller (esp. for small screens)

*) Fix preview count of group creation

*) Move queue rank in txt/pdf download behind group name

*) Reduced memory usage in many parts of the module

   (now usable for > 10k users and many groups)

*) Add progress bar to import

*) Import into multiple groups at once

v 2015050401


*) Fix importfields using standard setting instead of set value

*) Use separate sub-tabs for group creation and administration

v 2015050400


*) Improve preview and status of import

*) Fix bug with wrong overflow warning during import

*) Add missing language strings

*) Fix navigation (AJAX Error, appearance with/without subbranches, etc)

*) Fix typo in SQL

*) Remove XLS support in exports (only XLSX/ODS/etc. now available)

*) Fix wrong queued ranks showed in course view table

v 2015042200


*) Fixed a renamed string identifier blocking language customisation

   if there was an old wrong spelled custom string

v 2015011400


*) Replace add_to_log calls through triggered events

*) Replace event handlers with new event observers

*) Remove unused cron-Method

*) Add Frankenstyle-prefix for global scope classes

*) Move plugin settings to config_plugins table

*) Improve english language file

*) Ensure support of PostgreSQL-DBs

*) New improved active groups layout for better usability

*) Combine Overview and Userlist in common tab participants (2 sub-tabs)

*) Support additional name fields and useridentity in XLS/XLSX/ODS-export

*) Add page numbers in PDF export

*) Better grouping creation features (add selected groups to new/existing grouping)

*) Grouping-filter in grading tab restricts accessible groups

*) Fixed some minor bugs and typos

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