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Maintained by Catalyst IT, Dan Marsden
Face-to-face activities are used to keep track of in-person (e.g. classroom) trainings which require advance booking. Each activity is offered in one or more identical sessions. These sessions can be given over multiple days. Reminder messages are sent to users and their managers a few days before the session is scheduled to start. Confirmation messages are sent when users sign-up for a session or cancel. This module may be of interest to administrators looking for a way to provide event management support for blended learning environments.

Facetoface 3.9.1

Moodle 3.9
Released: Monday, February 15, 2021, 5:57 AM
3.2.2 (2018-05-30):
Bug fixes:
- Site, course and user calendar events now work properly. They no longer all end up being course events.
- Creating, updating and deleting Face-to-face sessions no longer leave orphan and duplicate events in the events table.
- Deleting an instance of Face-to-face from a course no longer leave orphan calendar events in the events table.

- Now compatible with Moodle 3.2 to 3.5

2.3.1 (2014-03-06):
Bug fixes:
- fix SQL group by
- fix candidate selector status check

- fix ChangeLog dates/versions from previous bumps

2.3.0 (2014-03-01):
Bug fixes:
- add extended username support
- fix system roles global config setting (2014-02-27):
Bug fixes:
- Fix Moodleform missing param types
- Fix broken HTML tag in help text
- Fix SQL compare text missing usage (2013-01-04):
Bug fixes:
- Fix upgrade version number problem
- Fix message when guest trys to signup to session

2.2.3 (2013-01-03):
Bug fixes:
- Fix details editor for session so it saves correctly

- Make calendar events more configurable
- Add new SVG icon (Moodle 2.4 compatibility)
- Change style of table on session signup page to better display
large amounts of content in the details of the session

2.2.2 (2012-11-06):
Bug fixes:
- Prevent direct access to conditional activities
- Ensure site calendar is updated when activity is updated
- Fix hardcoded language string in attendees.php
- Make sure notices are sent from email specified in settings
- Fix fatal error when deleting data from custom session field
- Fix display of images in facetoface description
- Stop error being thrown when creating session

- Create new iCal UID for every session re-signup

2.2.1 (2012-09-10):
New Features
- Add activity completion support
- Add support for marking a course as in progress
- Add event trigger to remove deleted users from session, this prevents
deleted users from taking up space in a session after they are deleted.

- Remove various unused files from Moodle 1.9 version
- Change date format used to better support Windows (only effects servers)
- Stop manager approving full sessions unless they have overbook permissions
(previously threw an error)
- Added module help (for new activity/resource panel in Moodle 2.3)

Bug fixes:
- Fix syntax error in version.php
- Fix wording in default waitlist message
- Fix logic around displaying sessions on course page
- Fix issue where session isn't correctly marked as waitlisted
- Fix displaying of Facetoface icon
- Fix layout and link in module display on course page
- Fix SQL that breaks in MSSQL when cancelling a session
- Add addinstance capability (required for Moodle 2.3 compatibility)

2.2.0 (2012-06-14):
- Ported to Moodle 2 codebase

Bug fixes:
- Various bug caused by porting

1.8.0 (2011-11-24):
Bug fixes:
- Check mailed field exists before dropping to prevent errors on upgrade
- Fixed errors in facetoface_get_trainer_roles()
- Fixed bug with hour to minute conversion
- Fix missing parameter in breadcrumb on attendees page
- Add checks to sees if session is finished or in progress before allowing
- Fix misuse of table API in various places
- Fix custom fields to use new separator (; can now be used in custom fields)
- Fix tests that were failing in MySQL
- Simplify permissions check for approval

Security fixes:
- Fixed parameter cleaning searchtext on edit attendees page

- Improve unit test coverage
- Improve code documentation
- Add new English help files
- Add validation to stop start date being after end date
- Show no permission notification instead of error on signup page
- Tidy up display of session roles
- Add markup to module info for better styling
- Add sitelog calls
- Hide cancel session link if the session is finished

1.6.2 (2010-10-21):
Bug fixes:
- Removed hardcoded references to the mdl_ DB prefix

1.6.1 (2010-10-14):
Bug fixes:
- Fix upgrade from 1.5.0
- Fix mysql incompatibilities in upgrade script

1.6.0 (2010-09-28):
New features:
- Stateful bookings, allow for multiple booking states e.g. unconfirmed
- Multiple types of attendance - partial, full, no show
- Option to require manager approval before booking's are confirmed
- Save booking/attendance history for a session
- Allow booking of a session over maximum capacity
- The ability to assign users as trainers to sessions

- Prevent taking attendance for a session that has yet to finish
- Improve session details view
- Only display location pull down if more than one location exists

New features:
- Calendar entries for students and teachers
- Calendar entries for all sessions (site-wide events)
- Custom fields (defined site-wide) for session details
- Session details can now contain HTML characters

- User timezone is used in reminder emails
- Add a new capability for determining whether or not overbooking is allowed
- Split add/remove attendees into two difference capabilities
- Allow users to enter duration like "1:20" (1 hour and 20 minutes)
- Ability to set the user profile fields to be included in attendance exports
- User search now looks in username and idnumber fields as well
- Support for multiple third-party email addresses
- Support for ID number at the activity level
- Move activity settings over to formslib
- Add an index page for Face-to-face help pages
- Optimised attendance exports
- Add duration column to attendance exports
- Use a date column for timestamp columns
- Moved most forms to formslib
- All pages are now valid XHTML

Bug fixes:
- Prevent users from cancelling after the session has ended
- Fix the order of how multi-day sessions appear
- Check session capacity on the signup page (for direct links)
- Fix backlinks on the attendance and signup pages
- Add missing course parameter to user page links
- Fix broken exports when user profile fields are missing
- Proper redirections from error pages
- Fix SQL error on new instances

1.4.0 (2008-12-01):
New features:
- Display a record of cancellations on the attendance page
- Report the expected data to the course Participants Report
- User-level activity reports ("Outline" and "Complete" reports)

- Use a custom field for the manager's email address instead of the MSN field
- Store attendance data in the gradebook
- Module settings now use formslib
- Scalability improvements in the attendance page

Bug fixes:
- [SECURITY] check the session key in all user forms
- Display actual attendance and work untick checkboxes (take attendance page)
- Show "unknown date/time" in confirmation emails for wait-listed sessions
- Don't send iCalendar appointments for wait-listed sessions
- Remove internationalisation from log entries
- Remove site-wide settings for default email messages
- Fix errors when adding/updating an activity

1.3.0 (2008-07-30):
New features:
- iCalendar support in email notifications
- Option to suppress email notifications in the bulk user signup page
- New activity setting to send notifications of wait-listed sessions to the third party
- New site-wide setting to set the default email messages

Bug fixes:
- Made all email-related errors non-fatal in the bulk user signup page
- Major cleanup of the email notification code

Other improvements:
- Remove some hard-coded strings and move them to the language pack
- Made the session capacity a text field instead of a drop-down

1.2.0 (2008-04-24):
New features:
- Teachers can now sign users up for a session, even after the fact
- Add ODF support when downloading attendance
- Dutch translation by Peter-Anne Wissema

Bug fixes:
- Always mark reminders as sent, even when the email to the manager failed
- Fix the default permissions to fix problems where a user is both student and teacher
- Add an empty db/upgrade.php to fix upgrade problems on Moodle 1.9
- Respect the system's date format when displaying dates and times
- Respect the system's currency symbol when displaying costs
- Strip out currency symbols from amounts entered by users and round the amounts up

Other improvements:
- Improved Javascript done in the "add session" page
- Improved capability checking in the "all sessions" page
- Reduced the request size when creating a session

1.1.0 (2008-02-18):
- Major bugfix release

Bug fixes:
- Fix error and notice messages in the cron job
- The 'Add sessions' link did not appear for non-admin users with the 'editsessions' capability
- Reminders meant for users were sometimes sent to managers instead
- Update the remindersent flag when there are no messages to send to the manager
- Make sure that the discount code is stored as NULL in the DB after a restore

New features:
- Add French translation by Jerome Decuq
- Add options for hiding the cost and discount fields

Other improvements:
- Wrap transactions around all of the DELETEs to improve data integrity
- Make sure every user action is logged, whether or not it failed
- Display sessions for which dates are missing
- Add details (email addresses) to reminder email cron log

1.0.0 (2007-09-28)
- First public release

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