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Automatically issue digital certificates to course participants. This plugin is fully compatible with Moodle LMS.
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The course certificate module provides an opportunity for learners to celebrate achievements by obtaining certificates.

It allows you to choose from different certificate templates which will automatically display user data such as full name, course, etc.

Users will be able to download a PDF copy of the certificate themselves by accessing this activity, and there are options to send a PDF copy to them by email automatically.

If the template used on this activity contains a QR code, users will be able to scan it to validate their certificates.

The Course certificate plugin works together with the Certificate manager plugin (tool_certificate). The Certificate manager plugin has to be installed, it provides the API and UI for designing the certificate templates on system and course category level.

Moodle WorkplaceThis plugin has been contributed and is maintained by the Moodle Workplace team.

See the documentation page in the Moodle Workplace documentation site for more information. Please note that some of the features described in the documentation might be exclusive to Moodle Workplace.


This plugin is part of set Moodle Workplace.


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