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The ability to add videos from the Clear Lessons platform to a course.
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What is Clear Lessons Video Platform?

Clear Lessons is a purpose built video platform for Learning & Development professionals and educators. This plugin offers the ability to add videos from the Clear Lessons platform directly into a course, automatically signs the learner into the platform for tracking and curating video playlists & plans. Clear Lessons is a fantastic content library and powerful video learning platform combined into one. Clear Lesson Foundation created and sourced more than 1,200 bite-sized learning videos produced specifically for personal and work development. Clear Lesson platform and resources can be purchased by the corporate sector. 

What does this Clear Lessons Video plugin help achieve?

The Clear Lessons Plugin offers you the ability to add CL Videos as an activity module. Additionally this plugin will synchronise your learners onto the platform so they can automatically sign in and be registered to curated playlists and join learning groups which send scheduled emails containing one video at a time.

Benefits of the Clear Lesson Platform?

  • Learning Groups & Pathways for playlists.
  • Emails delivering videos at scheduled times straight to the learners inbox.
  • Advanced Reporting options to quickly see how they have engaged with the content.
  • Designed around both engaging learners and ensuring compliance needs are covered.

There are multiple ways to included Clear Lessons resources in a Moodle course:

  • Embed videos directly inside Moodle, ensuring the learner does not need to leave Moodle.
  • Provide links to resources which log users into their account automatically from Moodle into the Clear Lessons platform.
  • Link to specific Speakers, Playlists, Topics or direct videos.

Additionally you can add a link anywhere on the site to /mod/clearlesson/senduser.php where the user will be direct to the Clear Lessons platform's site home.

Clear Lessons & Clear Lessons Foundation.

Clear Lessons is a for profit organisation who provide a learning focused video platform (with or without content)  for learning professionals to engage their learners. Clear Lessons Foundation is a collection of over 1,200 free and bite-sized learning videos produced specifically for charity sector. The videos feature experts sharing open and honest stories about what they've learned, covering everything from fundraising to digital to management.


- Copy the clearlesson folder to your mods directory.

- Go to the Moodle admin pages (which should appear automatically) and install the plugin.

- Add your API credentials which are available from your Clear Lessons account page.

- Now the plugin is all setup so you can add modules from Clear Lessons Video Platform into your courses.


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Josh Willcock (Lead maintainer)
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