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This module allows teachers to vizualize dependencies between moodle activities in a interactive graph.
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An activitymap is an automatically generated graph which visualizes the dependencies between activities that arise due to completion restrictions.

Sample dependency graph

It can be used give the students a clue about the different activities and in which order they have to be completed to reach a certain goal. In this terms it is a very versatile tool for individualization and helps to improve the ability of the participants to choose their own learning path through a course.


The map is automatically generated from the activities within your course - as long as you have enabled completion tracking within your course.

So all you have to do are things that you would do in any course where you would like to force the students into a certain order of activity completion:
  1. Create your coursemodules like activities, assignments and so on.
  2. Enable Activity Completion for these modules which you want to have within the graph
  3. Add some Access Restrictions (which defines the order of the activities)

A sample course
The resulting activity map
Sample course Resulting graph

If you are unsure then give it a try and just add the our plugin to your course and see what happens. The standard settings will render a map for the whole course for you.

Help & Support

If something is not working as expected then please consult README on our Github repository which contains more details and also a FAQ section. If you think that you have found a bug, then please open a issue within our bugtracker (see link below) and don't forget to attach a course export which rereproduces the issue.


Screenshot #0
Screenshot #1


Günther Hutter
Günther Hutter (Lead maintainer)
Andreas Pötscher: Developer
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