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This tool allows users to create a course with minimum or allowed options.
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This local plugin allows users to create courses from the Course Category menu. It gives minimum or allowed options to create courses, handy for new or busy users. The different sections on core Moodle's course creation page can optionally be added / removed from the plugin's administration.

  • Every heading when creating a course except the General can be made optional. So at the minimum the user will have only the Course Full name, Shortname, Start Date and End Date.
  • The Category if not shown, creates the course in the existing category
  • The Simple Course Creation skips the User enrolment page as the Core Moodle Course Creation would take the user to when creating a course. Of course you can add users once the course is created.

The purpose of this plugin is to be more friendly to new or busy users.


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Picture of Shubhendra Doiphode
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