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Handles integration between Moodle and Rocket.Chat
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Moodle Rocket.Chat Sync Plugin Build Status

The Rocket.Chat plugin is an integration between Moodle that allows users to push students from Moodle into channels on Rocket.Chat. These channels correspond to their groups in Moodle.

Important information:

Please uninstall the actual plugin and reinstall with the newest version. Before the pre-build webservice (now removed!) could be used by default from All users if the user had the moodle/webservice:createtoken capability.

Main features

  • Channel creation (private groups) for each Moodle group per course (Regex filter available)
  • User creation in Rocket.Chat based on role in Moodle (Filter available)
  • Subscribe all users based on group in course
  • Manual sync: Trigger manually by clicking the button on Course integration page
  • Background task sync: Activate pending sync checkbox on Course integration page
  • User activation/deactivation based on user_enrolment_updated Moodle event
  • User subscription/desubscription based on user_group_enrolment_updated Moodle event


  1. Copy this Rocket.Chat plugin to the local directory of your Moodle instance: git clone local/rocketchat
  2. Visit the notifications page to complete the install process

For more information, visit documentation for installing contributed modules and plugins.

Note - you need a running Rocket.Chat server that you can point the plugin to. If you aren't sure how to do this, checkout the documentation on Rocket.Chat. I also added a bit of code to Rocket.Chat to make integration a little easier. This unfortunately will require a custom build of the Rocket.Chat source code. 



A new Site Adminstration section has been added under Rocket.Chat. The settings page allows administrators to enter the host, port, username and password for the Rocket.Chat connection. To get these settings you need to create a user on Rocket.Chat with whatever credentials you want and paste them into Moodle.

The regex block allows you to add group regex filters. When a sync between Moodle and Rocket.Chat happens, channels are created for each group that matches your regex expression. You can have multiple expressions on new lines. If you don't want any groups, don't add any regex expressions.


There are two tables that help control what data is pushed to Rocket.Chat.

  1. Roles Included in Sync: Determines what user roles can be pushed to Rocket.Chat
  2. Integrated Courses: allows setting of a course to sync in the background (task and cron based) or a manual sync that is executed immediately.


This plugin is part of set Rocket.Chat.


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Adrian Perez Rodriguez (Lead maintainer)
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