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Maintained by Frédéric Massart ⭐, Jeff Campbell
Motrain and Mootivated are personalized motivational platforms that reward employee/student effort for learning in Moodle. Virtual coins are awarded for working in Moodle and they can be spent at the discretion of the user.
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Motrain - Corporate

Motrain is a personalized corporate motivational solution designed to engage your learners in fun and successful training by allowing you to offer incentives for completing activities and courses.  Users earn virtual coins for working through Moodle and can spend their coins on real opportunities or items offered by your organization.  Organizations can be divided into an unlimited number of sections, each with their own unique Motrain platform.

Mootivated - Schools

Mootivated is similar to Motrain, but it is intended more for schools.  Users can spend their virtual coins to update their avatar and upload it to their Moodle site.  Our student-generated content allows students to create digital avatar parts and upload them to the mobile app.  Mootivated can be downloaded by students and teachers for free here:




  • Customized coin values for specific course completion and activity completion
  • Multi-tenancy - create an unlimited number of sections using cohorts, with each section having its own unique Store etc.
  • Leaderboards - User vs. User and Section vs. Section (both can be anonymous and turned on/off)
  • SSO to the dashboard from the block
  • Store items can be directly purchased or placed in a raffle draw.  Users can continually purchase raffle draw entries to increase their chance of winning the item.

This plugin requires a third-party subscription-based service to connect your Moodle site, the web dashboard, and the mobile app.

For more information and access to a FREE Demo account, please visit us at or


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Frédéric Massart ⭐ (Lead maintainer)
Jeff Campbell: Founder
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