Leeloo LXP Activities and Resources Tracking

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Learning Activities and Resources | Real-Time Tracking
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Leeloo LXP Activities and Resources Tracking

Learning Activities and Resources | Real-Time Tracking


This plugin allows administrators and authorized personnel to track chosen users time spent in Moodle LMS Activities and Resources in Real-Time. It will then sync that data to Leeloo LXP for Student Relationship Management and reporting purposes.

Managers can see and export reports of time spent on specific Activities and Resources. 

Use it in tandem with the Leeloo LXP Attendance block!

Your users will see a Real-Time clock with their time spent in the current activity, along with their attendance, their break time and their expected schedule.

This plugin requires the Leeloo LXP Login and Attendance Tracking plugin, the Leeloo LXP Synchronizer plugin and the Leeloo LXP SSO plugin.


Go to Admin > Plugins > Local plugins > Leeloo LXP Web Activity Tracking

- Add your license key

- Enable the plugin

How it works

• Once the plugin is enabled: whenever users with time tracking activated opens a synced Activity/Resource, the time on that Activity/Resource will be tracked in Real-time in Leeloo LXP

Note: This plugin requires a subscription to Leeloo LXP: https://leeloolxp.com/
Leeloo LXP offers several free modules to enhance your Moodle LMS.

To subscribe, please go to https://leeloolxp.com/ and follow the steps to register your account.
You will first create an account and provide your organization information.

We will install the Leeloo LXP Core bundle for you, free of charge.

Once your account is created, you can use your free Leeloo LXP Core, or upgrade to a bigger bundle.

Both the Login & Attendance Tracker and the Learning Activities Tracker are included with the Leeloo LXP ACHIEVE bundle.
Your institution might be eligible for a free or a discounted upgrade.


This plugin is part of set Leeloo LXP.


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Ludovic LEBLEU (Lead maintainer)
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