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With this plugin you can create badge templates which can be used to simplify creating badges in all courses of your moodle system.
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With this plugin you can create badge templates which can be used to simplify creating badges in all courses of your moodle system. These templates can be organized in categories and exported to a XML file to share them with others.

Trainers can use the badge templates by going to Course administration --> Badges --> Badge Pool.

Moodle 2.9+ and badges enabled.

The zip-archive includes the same directory hierarchy as moodle.
So you only have to copy the files to the correspondent place.
Copy the folder bs_badge_pool to moodle/local/bs_badge_pool.
The langfiles normaly can be left into the folder moodle/local/bs_badge_pool/lang.
All languages should be encoded with utf8.

After it you have to run the admin-page of moodle (http://your-moodle-site/admin)
in your browser. You have to loged in as admin before.
The installation process will be displayed on the screen.
That's all.

You can manage the badge pool and add badge templates by going to Site administration --> Badges --> Badge Pool.

Version control
1.3 (2018073100)
- Added support for privacy API

1.2 (2018030200)
- Added admin setting page to select course categories where the badge pool should be available

1.0 (2015102400)
- first release


This plugin is part of set Badges.


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Picture of Matthias Berlin (Schwabe)
Matthias Berlin (Schwabe) (Lead maintainer)
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  • Picture of David Mudrák
    Thu, Nov 26, 2015, 7:50 AM

    Thanks Matthias for sharing yet another plugin with the community. I really like the idea of this tool as I can imagine it significantly helps with badges management on sites using them extensively. However, when testing the functionality and reviewing the code, some blocker issues were detected that must be fixed before we approve the plugin here. Please see them reported to your issues tracker. Thanks for your patience with the review and approval process.

  • Picture of David Mudrák
    Fri, Nov 27, 2015, 6:58 PM

    Thanks Matthias for prompt fixes. I am happy to approve the plugin now. Please note I've put all your badge-related plugins into a new set here in the Plugins directory. You are cleared to land now, welcome to the plugins directory!

  • Picture of Bert van der Hooft
    Fri, Jan 13, 2017, 11:58 PM
    Can we expect a newer version for moodle 3.0, 3.1., 3.2? Would be nice!
  • Picture of Matthias Berlin (Schwabe)
    Sun, Mar 18, 2018, 10:19 PM
    There is now an updated version of this plugin available for the latest versions of Moodle.
    Sorry for waiting so long, but there wasn´t much time in the last two years. I will try to update my plugins consistently from now on.

    There is also now an admin setting page to select the course categories where the badge pool should be available.
  • Picture of Mathieu Pelletier
    Sun, Feb 24, 2019, 2:08 AM
    Thanks for this plugin. I really like it and it makes templating a lot easier. However, I have courses in some categories where the badge pool does not show up at all. The pool shows up in some courses, but others are missing this option. What would cause this and how do I fix it? Completion tracking is on in either case, so I don't think this is the cause.
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