Provides options for changing text size and colour scheme. Settings can be saved to persist between sessions. Also integrates ATbar from Southampton University ECS.

Accessibility Report

The Ally reporting tool (report_allylti) provides a site wide accessibility report which can be broken down by course.

Content Pages

The plugin for Moodle (Content pages), was designed so that from it, tutors, teachers and technicians can add content in courses, following usability and accessibility standards. This tool will be responsible for signaling the good practice of adding text, images, multimedia, among others. In it, the content will be distributed in pages, so that the monitoring of the content does not become something exhausting and tiring. The plugin also has a bookmark, so that the participant can be located, based on last logged furthermore allow the inclusion of public or private notes, which the participant can provide feedback on the content studied on the page and enjoy and reply comments from other colleagues.

Anthology Ally (previously Blackboard Ally)

The Ally filter provides accessibility scores and tools for files uploaded to Moodle by teachers. It also provides alternative download types to enhance accessibility - e.g. audio, braille, etc

Integrity Advocate Block

Online proctoring, identity verification and participation monitoring by Integrity Advocate. This is a privacy-first and accessibility friendly solution to ensure assessment integrity inside of Moodle activities. This block allows Moodle to show a proctoring interface to students, interact with the Integrity Advocate service, and show proctoring results to instructors.

Srce 2.2 - Universal Design Theme

This theme is made for better visual accessibility mode, but with design and colors that retain good look. It doesn't have super-high contrast, which can be set with block Accessibility, but it has bigger and leveled fonts for better visual accessiblity.


Moove it's a Moodle's theme that makes online environments more clean and intuitive for learners and educators. If you like it, please show some love by clicking "favourite" ( ♥ ) below!


Adaptable is a highly customisable responsive two column theme designed for use on both large University installations as well as small training companies.


The FilterCodes filter enables Moodle content creators to easily customize and personalize the site and course content using over 170 plain-text tags. Version 2.3 introduces about 30 new FilterCodes including tags to create link buttons, charts, list course contacts, 9 new conditional tags, tags to display the current grade as a percentage, display the last login date/time, put a border around text, highlight text, create QR codes, list groups you belong to, a "Show more" expandable text, a new admin and much more. Most tags are supported in Moodle 2.7 to 4.0.

Open Forum

Open forum are designed to increase engagement and provide a responsive, modern alternative to standard Moodle forums.

Sticky Notes

Activity for creating a sticky notes wall for your brainstormings, ranking...


Ally webservices plugin

HTML Bootstrap Editor

The HTML Bootstrap editor RECIT makes it possible to create a much more attractive and ergonomic layout.


A lively responsive theme with sections on the homepage, especially suitable for academic and personal use.

NLN Learning Object

An activity module that allows teachers to find and add NLN Learning Objects to their Moodle courses with a minimum of effort. Originally developed by as a Moodle 1.8 resource type, the "Noodle" plugin ceased to be maintained when the NLN Materials website changed hands in July 2011. This new development is a direct conversion of the original plugin into a Moodle 2.x activity module.

Moodle AnalyST

Support tool for medium and large sites, that provides you with - a better search function for courses and users - a fast overview about a course with participants and their roles, activities, enrolment methods - a fast overview about a user with their courses and roles

Restriction by IntegrityAdvocate

Restriction by Integrity Advocate plugin accompanies the Integrity Advocate block plugin to provide a complete online proctoring solution by preventing access to a course module depending on the Integrity Advocate results in another module.

Bookmarks (within book chapter)

Bookmarks block plugin provides functionality of user bookmarks creation within the text of Moodle Book chapter (So-called book pins within the text). This can also be used to leave personal notes onto desired locations within Moodle Book chapter.

SimpleSpeak text-to-speech

A Moodle filter to provide speech synthesis (text-to-speech/ TTS) services for arbitrary text.