Course Status

A block to clearly display and control visibility of a course from the course page (show / hide).

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SafeAssign plagiarism plugin

SafeAssign is a plagiarism plugin which uses a service to compare submitted assignments against a set of sources to identify areas of overlap between the submitted assignment and existing works.

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UNEDTrivial is an activity module that allows the teacher to create tests based on learning concepts like testing effect and spaced education. In addition, UNEDTrivial uses resources related to gamification to increase student engagement.

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Object storage file system

A remote object storage file system for Moodle. Intended to provide a plug-in that can be installed and configured to work with any supported remote object storage solution.

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360° feedback

A simple 360° feedback activity plugin for Moodle.

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My ToDo list

Simple plugin implementing a personal ToDo list on the user's Moodle dashboard.

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Course completion overview

The course completion overview report is a simple reporting tool based on the existing course completion report. This plugin allows the Moodle Admin and system level Managers to view course completion tracking information from a centralised location rather than having to access each course individually.

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Format timestamp

This filter allows you to run a timestamp through the userdate function before it gets displayed. Initially built to allow proper dates to be displayed by block_configurablereport.

1 6 is a commercial plagiarism detection system which requires a paid subscription to use. To use this plugin you must purchase a subscription from

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Submission marker

Submarker is an additional submission type to use in conjunction with other submissions such as file or text submissions to have student report their completed exercises.

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Cohort external database

This plugin creates site-level cohorts using a connection to an external database. (similar to enrol_database plugin but instead of creating enrolments it creates site-level cohorts.)

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Adding WebHook features to the Moodle system.

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A cli administration tool to help deploying Moodle plugins via Git

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A non-linear, non-chronological discussion forum. Similar to the forum activity, but focuses on straightforward question-and-answer discussions. Additionally, users rate posts and gain a rating score ("reputation") by being rated by other users. Users who have started a discussion can mark an answer as helpful; and teachers can mark a post as a (correct) solution to the posed question.

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Multi True false in one stem (question). Brief: The MC question type as it exists in Moodle is not very ideal, since you can only configure questions which are not very well designed regarding best practices of MC questions. Teachers can have more than one true/false question in same stem. this saves creating new questions for each stem. especially when it comes to an essay followed by many questions.

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Guest Cohort

Guest Cohort is an enrolment plugin that mixes the features from guest enrolment with those of cohort sync. More exactly, it allows you to provide quest access to users that belong to a particular cohort.

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The augmented teacher

The augmented teacher is a plugin that provides bulk e-mailing within courses using short codes such as users' first name, last name and course name.

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Creates a button visible to teachers that inserts a text link, question number and display mode into Moodle editable text with delimiter tags which will be picked up by moodle_filter_simplequestion.

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Insert question

This is a very simple implementation of a question filter. It allows questions to be inserted anywhere in Moodle editable text either embedded or in a popup.

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Advanced Notifications

Allows for notifications to be easily managed and set to be displayed to users

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Bookings overview

This block provides an overview of all bookings made with the booking module. Depending on the rights in the different booking module instances the user can see his/her bookings only or bookings made by others sorting them by course or user.

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Leganto reading list

The Leganto reading list module enables a teacher to include a selection of citations from associated Leganto reading lists directly within the content of their course. Please note that this integration plugin depends on a paid subscription to the ExLibris Leganto reading lists service (see for details).

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Discourse SSO

This plugin enables your Moodle installation to act as a SSO provider for the Discourse discussion platform.

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PlagiarismSearch is an advanced plagiarism detection service that operates since 2008. PlagiarismSeach is a commercial product owned by You may use this Moodle plugin after purchasing the subscription from PlagiarismSearch.

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Unicheck (ex. Unplag) Plagiarism Checker Plugin

Designed based on educators’ feedback, Unicheck is a plagiarism detection engine helping educators spot plagiarism. To start using the app, please register at or get in touch with the sales team at It takes a few minutes to set-up your account and get the ball rolling. This plugin integrates with assignment, forum and workshop activities in Moodle to check user-submitted content for plagiarism.

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My Notes

A simpler mynotes system that integrates as moodle block to save user's notes from different areas such as site, course, modules, etc.

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Kopere Dashboard

Kopere Dashboard is a tool panel with reports, online users, backup, notifications and more.

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