Poodll Solo

Poodll Solo is speaking assignment with 3 stages, prepare, record and transcribe. At the end of the activity students can see detailed information on their speaking clarity, sentences, words, grammar and spelling.

Mini Lesson

Poodll MiniLesson combines several language learning activities into a simple, self-guided online lesson. It is designed to be a simple, interactive lesson for students, and easy for teachers to create and deliver.


Converts MEDIAL links into embedded videos where content has been added using the Atto button in any activity where iframes are normally filtered out for security reasons. By default this is configured for student submissions via forums or workshops. However, it is possible to configure this for any activity where similar security restrictions apply.

Enrolment audit

This plugin enables tracking the history of learner enrolments at site and course level.


This plugin allows teachers to keep synchronized users enrolled in a Moodle course into a dedicated Rocket.Chat private channel.

Email OTP

Email One-Time Password Authentication.

Microsoft Word file Import/Export (Glossary)

Import the contents of a Microsoft Word file (in '.docx' format) into a glossary, splitting it into terms based on the heading styles. The file can be from either Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. Also supports exporting glossaries to Word format, for round-trip editing.

Restriction by IntegrityAdvocate

Integrity Advocate (https://integrityadvocate.com/) is a tool for online identity verification and participation monitoring. You can use it as an online exam proctor. This "restrict access" plugin accompanies the IntegrityAdvocate block plugin and prevents access to activities and resources depending on the IA results in another activity.

Learning Object Relation Discovery (LORD)

This plugin determines the similarity between all the learning activities in a course and uses the similarity to configure a network graph of the activities.

MS Teams Meeting

Using this activity plugin you can schedule Microsoft Teams Meetings directly from inside your Moodle courses.

Freehand drawing (ETH)

Free-Hand drawing question type. It is SVG based, and comes in two modes: simple mode and advanced mode. Teachers can annotate on student drawings by drawing over them.

Google Meet™ for Moodle

The Google Meet™ for Moodle plugin allows the teacher, without having to leave Moodle, to create a Google Meet room and make available to the students the recordings of the room saved in Google Drive.

Dynamic Dropdown menu

This plugin is Course custom field Plugin which a new dynamic select/dropdown type custom field that takes input as SQL query and makes the select field based on the output of SQL query.


Wooflash helps teachers to follow their students' progress at anytime and from a distance, and students to revise learning material more effectively.

One Roster

A OneRoster enrolment plugin for Moodle, supporting version 1.1 of the IMS OneRoster REST specification.

All backups

This report allows access to all backups on a site - including those stored in the users private files area and the site admin can download/restore or delete the backup files.


The interface and report builder


LUDIC presents course structure and contents graphically. A range of gamification options are also provided to strengthen student engagement.

Snap! submissions

Add to your Moodle assignments the ability to include Snap! projects

YuJa Media Chooser

Enables Moodle users to embed YuJa Enterprise Video Platform-hosted media content within Moodle


This plugin offers a new form element for moodle forms. The form element is a file upload field, which uploads one file as multiple small chunks. While uploading the form element shows a progress bar to the user.

edu-sharing Atto Plugin

The edu-sharing atto plugin adds the option to embed all kinds of edu-sharing content to all WYSIWYG fields. The new button will open the edu-sharing search engine and let you pick an item embed. Audio and video-files will be embedded with a player. Documents will be represented by a link. You may pick which version of the content you would like to provide in the course (always the latest vs. the version you just picked)


eduMeet WebRTC Moodle Plugin. This module is the successor of mod_multipartymeeting.


Time is a block to show the time to the user using an analogue clock.

Studietube iFrame Filter

Part of the Studietube import set, this plugin filters the imported content from students and converts it into an iframe.