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A Moodle filter to provide speech synthesis (text-to-speech/ TTS) services for arbitrary text.
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A filter to provide speech synthesis (text-to-speech/ TTS) services for arbitrary text. Text such as [Speak] Hello world! [/Speak] is replaced with a button with the text as a label. Press the button, and the text is spoken!

This is beneficial, for example, when teaching younger children. And for accessibility to those with disabilities.

Requirements: tested with Moodle 1.9.7 and 2.0.2 (all Moodle 1.9.x and 2.0.x should work). Requires Javascript. Requires a TTS service - see Readme.

Uses:  jQuery (v1.3.2).


  1. Download and unzip the code files. Copy to the directory on the server, eg.
  2. Log in to Moodle as admin, visit `Site Administration | Modules | Filters | Manage Filters`. Scroll down and click on the icon for Simplespeak to enable it.
  3. Choose SimpleSpeak under Filters, and add a TTS service. Or set in config.php, eg.
    $CFG->simplespeak_service_url =
    The string can contain two placeholders, !TEXT and optionally !LANG (language). This service can be local, or third-party - see Readme.
  4. Ensure that the directory $CFG->datarootis writeable by the Apache user, or create a writeable cache directory,


Simple example. Enable the filter (admin). Then, type the following in a Moodle resource:

  [Speak] Hello world! [/Speak]


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Nick a few years ago, in a leather jacket
Nick Freear (Lead maintainer)
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